Air raid kills senior ISIS leader in Mosul


May 19 2017 08:20 PM
ISIS leader killed
ISIS leader killed

A senior ISIS leader has been killed in an air raid on al-Shifaa neighborhood in the right bank of Mosul, Military Intelligence Directorate said on Friday.

On receiving intelligence information, the Iraqi jets destroyed an ISIS position, killing a senior terrorist within the ranks of the group named Abu-Luqman al-Afri, a statement released by the directorate said.

He was the terror group’s official responsible for al-Shifaa neighborhood in the right bank of Mosul.

The iraqi forces, aided by the US-led coalition are pushing on the terror group of ISIS in the right bank of the city, which was one of the terror group’s main strongholds, since February 19th.

According to officials, the Iraqi forces managed to take control of 90 percent of the city’s territories, with few of ISIS terrorists still entrenched in some parts of the war-torn city.



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