Doubts about the ability of Iraqi forces to resolve the battle of Mosul before Ramadan

May 19, 2017

MOSUL – Anatolia: «approached the hour of decision» in Mosul, a consensus met by Iraqi officials and «International Alliance» and Muadhm before Ramadan, but military analysts expect a relatively long battle, because of two major challenges relating to civilians and the nature of the battlefield. On the fifteenth of this month, he announced a spokesman for the Joint Operations Command (follow the Iraqi army) Brigadier – General Yahya Messenger, the liberation of the Iraqi forces more than 90 percent of the western side of the city. 

After the day, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi came at a news conference in Baghdad to announce that « the editing process (Mosul) will be resolved in the next few days (without details)», which was considered a confirmation of the words of Chief of Staff of the Iraqi army team ‘s first corner Othman Ghanimi, the beginning of the month current that Iraqi forces will regain the western side in full before the holy month of Ramadan. 

Although government forces managed to reduce the area controlled by the organization «state» west of Mosul , to 12 square kilometers, but specialists in the Iraqi military affairs, say the remaining neighborhoods battles to resolve the west side need some time, and it is unlikely to control it before Ramadan . 

And surrounded the old city of Iraqi forces (neighborhood), and the neighborhoods of healing, Zndjeli, and carpenter, another area where the militants exist «Daesh» located on the bank of the Tigris River , west of Mosul. 

Yesterday I, Colonel John Durian , a coalition spokesman said at a press conference in Baghdad , said the organization «completely boxed in the city and its resources are being destroyed», adding that « the enemy on the verge of total defeat». 

Iskandar and berries, a member of the Security and Defense Committee in the Iraqi parliament ruled implicitly complete liberation before the end of this month (marks of Ramadan), without tipping a new date, but he made a number of field data that hinder the progress of the Iraqi forces and exert control over the entire city. 

He said that «heavy weapons and missile bombardments and artillery strikes and the entire Air Force parked not currently used in the old city of Mosul because of the presence of civilians.» 

He added that «state elements hiding inside the houses and pointing their guns towards the security forces locked in the streets of war inside the old city , which forbids military vehicles with its narrow streets of the freedom of movement». 

He pointed out that « the liberation of the remaining Mosul depends on intelligence information obtained by the security forces of civilians on the whereabouts of militants of the organization and his plans». 

Since more than one month federal police forces engaged in (internal tracking Iraqi) fierce battles in the old city crowded houses and alleys , which makes it more complicated battlefields. 

He predicted an expert in military affairs Khalil al – Naimi that «barricaded Mshlo (state) in the remainder of their west side neighborhoods and do not give up despite the killing of many of the group ‘s leaders.» 

Naimi said a retired colonel of the Iraqi army , said that « the organization has a lot of potential and capabilities in the western side of the connector, but its elements will continue to fight for not having another way, there are no ways of supplies to facilitate their transition to another place, so the only solution for them is to continue fighting». 

He pointed out that « the Emancipation Proclamation western side before Ramadan ( the end of this month) is unlikely because thousands of civilians are still within the four neighborhoods, and ( the state) uses them as human shields to prevent the progress of the Iraqi forces, so it will not be freed an easy process and needs to be a cautious Intense”. 

Lieutenant – General Abdul – Ghani al – Asadi commander of the anti – terrorist forces , the expectations of (elite forces in the Iraqi army) did not stray too far from official statements that do not provide details about isnaads Trgihatha the end of the battle before the end of May / May , which coincides with Ramadan solutions. 

He said «According to the resolution of the battle ground data will be a few days, but remains the basic problem is to maintain the safety of civilians from friendly fire.» 

He stressed that « the state currently maintained by less than 10 percent of the west side and will continue his abdication from the remaining districts, under irregular battles carried out by anti – terrorism forces , given the absence of fixed positions to the concentration of terrorists». 

He revealed the Iraqi military commander for the organization to change the strategy of fighting as «fighting now in the remaining neighborhoods of Mosul territorially, ie , without coordinating the living elements with some of them due to the loss of command and control». 

A few days ago dropped leaflets on Iraqi planes Mosul says the civilians that the battle is nearing completion. 

And demanded the publications that began with the words «I approached yard decisive» to stop the use of any vehicle immediately to avoid considered a mistake of targeting Iraqi forces suicide attacks with car and motorcycle bombs. 

He wrote in a publication, «Our Air Force and Army Aviation will beat any wheel moving in the sub – main roads (in the four districts)».

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