US forces will participate in the process of storming the old neighborhoods of Mosul


Washington expects the organization of the “state” to take another form after its elimination

May 18, 2017

Mosul, «Al-Quds Al-Arabi» from Omar al-Jubouri: More US troops arrived in the vicinity of the Iraqi city of Mosul, and stationed at its airport, and the camp Ghazlani, during the past two days, to participate in the storming of the old neighborhoods of Mosul and Iraqi forces after the siege of the city from all directions, An Iraqi military source told Al Quds Al Arabi.
The source, who declined to be named, said that «the old neighborhoods have exhausted a lot of lives in the civilian population after the elements of the organization barricaded them».
“Despite the ferocity of the fighting, our forces have not been able to break into the city yet, and most of its houses are in a state of fall, and the Iraqi forces do not have the right weapons to fight such battles.”
He continued: «The role of US forces in this process for possession of weapons and expertise sufficient to enable them to storm the city in the coming days».
He pointed out that “the Iraqi forces will also participate in the US forces, and the latter has been engaged in combat in some battles in addition to its role in the advisory battle, especially in neighborhoods where the organization showed strong resistance.
He pointed out that «incursions will take place in the coming days to end the presence of military organization in the city and to go to areas of the west of the city, which is still dominated by a large».
The US ambassador to Iraq, Douglas Seelman, predicted that the organization of the “Islamic state” would take another form in Iraq after its elimination in the country for an “unconventional” battle.


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