Hammoudi: End of «Daesh» is close


5/18/2017 0:00

During his speech in Russia and the Islamic World Conference
Baghdad / morning

Deputy Speaker of Parliament Sheikh Hamoudi, on Wednesday, that the end of the terrorist organization Daesh in Iraq is close, while pointed out that the country’s problem

Internal Islamic.
He said Hammoudi, in a speech during Russia and the Islamic world conference, in theChechen capital of Grozny, according to a statement by the Information Office of theParliament, received «morning», that «enemies are seeking to create the failed countries in the region models», stressing that « the end of the organization Daesh criminal in Iraq is close will not return a copy of the other. »
The MP added that « the Islamic country ‘s internal problem and the solution in their hands if they want», pointing out that « the Iraqi people ‘s decision after the elimination of terrorist groups Daesh, is moving towards development, stability and prosperity».



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