Abadi Office: the next stage will not be easier than ever


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} confirmed the Office of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Wednesday that “the next stage will not be easier than ever.”
Saad al – Sabri , spokesman for Abadi Office, during his speech at a conference press freedoms under the auspices of the President of the National Alliance , Mr. Ammar al – Hakim, said that “Iraq is looking forward to building a media environment which can media people freely media work, and stress that the next phase will not be easier than ever the great challenge imposed the media, and their role will be key and seek to build this role together. ”
He added, “went 14 years of age radical change that took place in Iraq, and we arenow in the greatest need time what we strive to stop reviewing and evaluating what we’ve done during the last stage, and what should be left undone during the next phase of transition to a pluralist system needs to media dolly.”
He noted that ” the media described as part of the political literature the fourth power, referring to being synonymous with his work in the three authorities and this position requires us to work As interested in the media that we seek to create a media work of a positive environment.”
And the spokesman for the Office of the Prime Minister, “We are now in atransitional phase is not clear so far , the final image of the scene of the media in Iraq, but it is emerging little by little and can not say that it is only the responsibility of state institutions in the three powers and the responsibility of political parties and elites , religious and social events essential in society, but is the responsibility ofsolidarity and responsibility of media workers. ”
He stressed ” the need to ” ensure that the issuance of legislation guaranteeing media work free environment, “noting that” the existence of free media without obligation to have negative results. ”
He noted that” Iraqi forces are able to all its formations and nomenclatures that is about to achieve the final victory at the military level and was able media personnel to perform their role to the fullest in this field. ”
He said Sabri,” we saw there the voices tried to focus on the negative aspects of Iraqi society, and we still face challenges , “stressing that” corruption is not less dangerous than terrorism and the responsibility of the media and investigative journalism is very large and can not be the government alone the success of this responsibility without power support Political and media. ”
He explained that” the diagnosis of corrupt and revealed the files of corruption is the role of investigative journalism and through monitoring we did not find only on a narrow interest in this side of the scope , “stressing the” community immunization against delinquency, extremism and sectarianism and terrorism in the next stage and the responsibility of the media call on all media. ” is over



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