Abadi calls elements “Daesh” to surrender and prepares them to “fair trial”


Tuesday 16 May 2017 18:54

Abadi calls elements Daesh to surrender and prepares them to fair trialAlsumaria News / Baghdad
called on Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, Tuesday, elements of the “Daesh” to surrender, and promised to receive a “fair trial”, while referring to the abduction in Baghdad revealed cells linked to “armed factions”.

Ebadi said during the weekly press conference which was attended by Alsumaria News, ” The fighting in Mosul must proceed according to the calculated speed , ” noting that “our intelligence capabilities have evolved and we are now ahead of the enemy and became exposed to us.”

He added Abadi , “We are preparing the elements Daesh fair trial and urge them to surrender , ” pointing out that “political differences to help the terrorist enemy through its operations spread confusion and problems.”

The Joint Special Operations Command announced on Tuesday killed 16 thousand and 467 terrorists since the launch of the city of Mosul , edit operations, as indicated liberalization 89.5% of the right areas of the coast in the city.

On the other hand, Abadi pointed out , “We have uncovered a lot of kidnapping cells in Baghdad, linked to armed factions , but these factions disown them,” alluding to the “establishment of a cell for political kidnapping operations because they need to treat another type.”

The Abadi, conducted on Thursday (11 May 2017) talks with the national intelligence cell on measures to deter kidnapping and organized crime operations.




URGENT: White House says Trump will deliver a speech on Islam on Sunday in Riyadh




16-05-2017 07:45 PMThe Euphrates –

US President Donald Trump will deliver a speech on Sunday in Riyadh on a peaceful vision of Islam that seeks to underscore Washington’s commitment to its Muslim partners, the administration said.

National Security Adviser General Herbert Raymond McMaster said the aim of the speech was to unite the Muslim world against the common enemies of civilization and to demonstrate the United States’ commitment to our Muslim partners.



Abadi announces delegation’s visit to the region and agree on a vision for the Liberation of western Mosul


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News said Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, on Tuesday, on the visit of the delegation {did not disclose the nature of whether a government or security} to the Kurdistan region.
Ebadi said, “We have heard concerns from the Kurdistan region two days before the operations of the popular crowd in western Nineveh , including Kairouan and Baaj district”, adding that ” the region did not know the process and sent a delegation to Kurdistan , the two sides agreed on a common vision.”
He said , “There is no friction between the Peshmerga and the popular crowd and all the common enemy and the enemy” .anthy Iraqi forces


Joint Operations: 10% of the rest of Mosul a few days to announce the final victory


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Since 05/16/2017 16:52 am (Baghdad time)

Special – balances News

Joint Operations Command confirmed Tuesday that only 10% of the remaining areas of the right coast connector under the control of the organization Daesh, as indicated near the declaration of the final victory over the terrorist organization.

He said a spokesman for operations Brigadier General Yahya messenger, L / balance News /, “The right coast of Mosul was left to fully edited 10% of the areas controlled by the organization Daesh terrorist only,” noting that “the ratio is very few pieces in the process of editing.”

He said the messenger, that “military units continuous process of progress for the purpose of freeing the right areas of the coast of Mosul and cleared from the grip of the elements of the terrorist organization”, but he also said, “will not be long and will soon be fully edit and purge Mosul announcement from the grip of Daesh.”

This declared war media cell, Thursday (4/5/2017), the launch of the right edit north coast areas of operations of the city Almousel.anthy 29/6 n





Abadi announced the start of a military operation between Karbala and Anbar


Abadi announced the start of a military operation between Karbala and Anbar
one hour ago

Twilight News / Prime Minister and Commander of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi on Tuesday announced the launch of a military operation between the two regions in the provinces of Karbala, the Shiite majority, and the Anbar Sunni majority to eliminate cells to regulate Daesh active there.

Ebadi said in his weekly press conference, he said the armed forces launched a military operation between the areas of Rahhaliyah and Nukhayib, Msttrda by saying that the liberation of Nineveh province from the grip of the organization will be established for the Liberation Daesh Hawija (southwest of Kirkuk governorate).

Always mount attacks from the organization Daesh Nikhaib on the borders of the province of Karbala, one of the most important places in the various Shiite beliefs that it contains the shrines of Imam Hussein bin Abi Talib and his brother Abbas.


Abadi: political differences to help the enemy to carry out terrorist operations in Iraq



Since 05/16/2017 18:47 am (Baghdad time)

BAGHDAD – The balance of News

Confirmed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Tuesday that political differences will help the enemy to carry out terrorist operations in Iraq, while the military announced the success of the plan in Ayman al-Mosul.

Ebadi said at a conference, attended / scales News /, “The political differences to help the enemy to carry out terrorist operations in the country,” stressing “the success of the military plan and humanitarian side carried out by security forces in various configurations in its different forms and Ayman al-Mosul”

He stressed that “intelligence capabilities in constant evolution to detect sleeper cells,” noting that “some published without confirmation of the validity of the information and promoting propaganda Daesh gangs in the media.”

He added that “there is a great effort on the level of security was foiled several kidnappings in time and raiding nests of crime,” referring to the “investigation into the allegations of the kidnappers belonging to this party or that faction.”

He explained Abadi, that “the government and part of its efforts to develop the economy and diversify sources of income and restore stability and the fight against corruption and to take advantage held several meetings with the Europeans officials and the envoy of the German Chancellor, who visited Baghdad this week, and discussed how to take advantage of the advanced international experience,” he said. “Focus on projects services such as water, sewer and stop wastage of money. ”

He noted, that “the government’s position of world oil prices proved to be a sound position and reflected positively on the stability of prices,” but he also said, “Today we renew our position with the extension of an output cut agreement by the Organization member states of the oil-exporting agreement OPEC and Iraq, a leading role in the organization.”

He criticized al-Abadi, “holding meetings on elections outside Iraq,” Msttrda “Why do they gather outside Iraq to protect international intelligence” .anthy 29/6 n



Western Mosul to be fully liberated on Friday, military official expects


Iraqi Counter Terrorism Services (CTS) soldier is seen during a battle between CTS and Daesh militants in western Mosul, Iraq, April 25, 2017. ( Reuters)

Mosul (IraqiNews.com) An Iraqi army official in Nineveh province has expected full liberation of the western side of Mosul by end of this week.

“Iraqi troops were able to retake most the regions and districts in western Mosul from Islamic State militants,” a commander in the Iraqi army told Sputnik on Tuesday, expecting the whole region to be freed by Friday.

In a statement earlier on Tuesday, Federal Police Chief Lt.Gen. Shaker Jawdat announced his troops are in control of 80 percent of Iqtisidayeen and 17 Tamuz (July 17th) districts, in addition to eight other pivotal targets that were previously retaken.

“The troops shelled IS defenses as well as their headquarters in north of the Old City and killed dozens of the militants. Fifteen square km were freed, 168 booby-trapped vehicles were destroyed, 200 landmines were removed while 24 bombs were defused,” he added.

“Six families detained by IS in 17 Tamuz were freed. They were kept for several days inside one of the houses with the doors locked and the house booby-trapped to prevent them escape,” he added.

“The total number of families evacuated from battlefields have reached 850 so far since the start of the last phase of military operations in western Mosul on May 6,” Jawdat said.

In a press conference, the Joint Operations Command declared on Tuesday controlling 89.5 percent of western Mosul and killing 16,467 members of Islamic State since beginning of operations in western Mosul.

Iraqi commanders had predicted recapturing the remaining parts of the city this month