Joint Operations: Daesh 10% .. Ayman Mosul International Alliance: we will celebrate the victory soon expanded {}


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News announced that the leadership of the joint operations, terrorist gangs Daesh losses and the remaining occupied them in the right side of the city of Mosul, while assuring the international coalition to declare victory near the liberation of Mosul completely.
A spokesman for the joint operations Brigadier General Yahya messenger joint press conference with speakers on behalf of the Ministry of Defense, Interior and Peshmerga in addition to the coalition that ” has been killed and more than 16 thousand terrorists from Daesh during the ongoing processes of liberalization.”
He added that “Nsphalmnatq liberated coast left 100% right side of 89.5% with anarea of 100 square kilometers , ” stressing that ” the security forces penetrated deep into the neighborhood July 17 Ayman Mosul and seized control of large parts of it and what is only a matter of time and is soon to declare the entire right side edit.”
He pointed out that “our mission humanity before everything and we are committed to the rules of engagement and made our finest images of dealing humanitarian with civilians, Daesh lost command and control of its operations , ” pointing to the use ofprecision weapons to Sirh do not cause great damage and avoid the damage tocivilians. ”
And news of Turkey ‘s refusal to liberate Tal Afar west of Mosul , said theMessenger , “our forces obeys the orders of the commander in chief of the armed forces, and no one can be issued {Vito} on our military operations and we will enter Tal Afar and liberate.”
on the popular crowd in the liberation hand of Kairouan and Baaj district shorter west of Tal Afar operations confirmed that the “Kairouan mission area, and there plan developed for editing With Baaj down to the border with Syria. ”
The spokesman denied the joint operations and the presence of any tension in therelationship and processes between the Peshmerga and popular crowd with theapproaching of Sinjar , ” stressing that ” the Peshmerga fought and made sacrifices and the blood of expensive, we will not reach to the level of confrontation with them ,and there is coordination and there is no fear “.
For his part , a spokesman for the international coalition in Iraq, Col. John Dorian said Daesh on the verge of defeat in the city of Mosul , Iraqi forces will raise the Iraqi flag and celebrate the victory. ”
He added,” The Iraqi security forces are facing direct Daesh and enemies on theverge of defeat in Mosul, and the victory will be for Iraq this is the thing most important and Iraqi forces sacrificed everything to defeat terrorism and sacrifice isnot for Iraqis only, but to the world Bojma “pointing out that” Iraqi forces will continue to liberate the whole of Mosul and is preparing to defeat the terrorists and other areas and will continue to support them and that we are pleased. ”
He noted that” Air Alliance d Over more than 300 car bombs in Mosul , “noting that” car bombs explode inside the cities and our strikes air has smashed more than 200 tunnel enemies and more than 1,000 sites to them that they use in order to continue terrorism. ”
He stressed that” the number of coalition forces in Iraq are five thousands and 260 and purpose of processing intelligence to Iraqi forces and training to fight. ”
revealed Colonel Dorian to the end of his duties in Iraq today , saying: I had thehonor to be in the news to talk about the support of the international coalition to Iraqi forces , and I would like to thank the cooperation with us in Iraq for their generosity, partnership and cooperation . ” .
He added : “Tomorrow will be Prosthetic Colonel Ryan {} and will take his functions as a speaker for the International Alliance and is excited to talk with you.”
He knew the new spokesman for the coalition in Iraq itself Mguetsb “served in the 96 mission to the coalition forces to defeat Daesh terrorist in Iraq and the region and theworld.”
For his part , he said a spokesman for the Interior Ministry Brigadier General Saad Maan “was increased batches of emergency Nineveh four regiments to be the 15 battalions with the opening of centers of the judicial police, and the opening of 15 centers for civil defense in Mosul, as well as the activation of the Directorate ofTraffic and regulate the movement of vehicles in Mosul.”
” I volunteered more than 5000 security forces and graduated last meal last Thursday, opening 27 , the Department of Civil Affairs in the junctions and its environs and issued 168 thousand and 391 citizens Mstmka balance of sharing different.”
He noted Ma’an that “80% of the northern axis on the right side was assigned to pieces federal police were re – 30 000 civilians to their areas of residence from May 6 to this day , the
role of spokesman for the Ministry of Defense Brigadier improved Ibrahim announced the achievements of pieces of military security and humanitarian , saying that” the Air Force carried out during the period from April 11 to May 14 more than 180 sorties and achieved all its objectives. ”
He added that” the army also involved the rehabilitation of some bridges connecting Alhanpin left and right to facilitate traffic and assist the movement of people and displaced persons. ”
He added , ” We collected a lot of ammunition and weapons were destroyed , and help the displaced materials f Latex and transfer them to secure medical care for a more than 15 thousand new cases serious among them. ”
From Japinh said a spokesman for the Ministry of Peshmerga, Brigadier Hlkurd Mohammed, that” the province and Baghdad Msaloun planning and coordination between the joint forces liberation of Nineveh, and the Peshmerga are hand carried out operations “.anthy

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