Joint Operations: 10% of the rest of Mosul a few days to announce the final victory


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Since 05/16/2017 16:52 am (Baghdad time)

Special – balances News

Joint Operations Command confirmed Tuesday that only 10% of the remaining areas of the right coast connector under the control of the organization Daesh, as indicated near the declaration of the final victory over the terrorist organization.

He said a spokesman for operations Brigadier General Yahya messenger, L / balance News /, “The right coast of Mosul was left to fully edited 10% of the areas controlled by the organization Daesh terrorist only,” noting that “the ratio is very few pieces in the process of editing.”

He said the messenger, that “military units continuous process of progress for the purpose of freeing the right areas of the coast of Mosul and cleared from the grip of the elements of the terrorist organization”, but he also said, “will not be long and will soon be fully edit and purge Mosul announcement from the grip of Daesh.”

This declared war media cell, Thursday (4/5/2017), the launch of the right edit north coast areas of operations of the city Almousel.anthy 29/6 n





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