Association of private banks: the banking sector will have a significant role of the reconstruction liberated areas

Confirmed the Iraqi private banks association, said Tuesday that the banking sector has a major role in the rebuilding process of the liberated areas.
The representative of the Iraqi Association of private banks in the Kurdistan region Shirvan Anwar in his speech during the second exhibition for the reconstruction of the liberated areas in Arbil, attended by “Economy News”, “has the banking sector, the major role in rebuilding the liberated areas of the process,” adding that “the conference It is a valuable opportunity to invest and develop a program of work and transform the ideas put forward to something concrete on the ground and to begin to work and benefit from the expertise of international companies and build confidence among investors. “
He said Anwar, he “must provide job opportunities for unemployed youth and the Iraqi Central Bank initiated through the launch of medium-sized and micro-credit project.”
Anwar expressed great hope that “the exhibition to contribute more financial support by States and international bodies and organizations, especially since the Iraqi people are paying the blood of his sons in every day and constitutes a shield terrorism, particularly on behalf of the countries of the world.”


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