Abadi: There is a political kidnapping and operations of the crowd west of Nineveh to secure the border with Syria [expanded]


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[Oan- Baghdad]
revealed Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, about the involvement of “political parties” kidnapping , “adding that” the popular crowd in the western province of Nineveh operations aimed at securing the border with Syria. “
Ebadi said in his weekly press conference on Tuesday that the “popular crowd for the Liberation of Kairouan operations and Ba’aj to secure Iraq ‘s borders with Syria, and we heard that Daesh took civilians as human shields to the west of Tal Afar.”
“We have heard concerns from the Kurdistan region two days before the operations of the popular crowd in western Nineveh , ” noting that ” the province did not know the process and sent a delegation to Kurdistan , the two sides agree on a common vision , ” stressing that ” the absence of any friction between the Peshmerga and popular crowd and the whole Iraqi forces , a common enemy” .
He “certainly there are those who live past and has national sensitivity and violations is almost negligible.”
Abadi added , “We have also started the process of securing the border with Jordan in western Anbar , the backing army aviation and cleared a lot of places and additives and seize shipments of weapons caches and enemy exploits the desert exposure to our forces.”
He explained , “There is significant progress in Mosul and Daesh collapse and become areas confined to the right side and not negotiate with the enemy in front of the killing or surrender and promise Aldoaash fair trial for them and tell the terrorists that they have no escape and they surrender to preserve the civilians and infrastructure , ” adding that “terrorists are still infiltrating from Syria to Iraq. ”
He noted the prime minister “for the Hawija [southwest of Kirkuk] we have a plan close to liberate it, ” noting that ” the liberation of Nineveh and urban areas based for the Liberation of Hawija , ” stressing that ” the intelligence effort evolved and became better and we have a lot of information about the terrorists and the enemy has almost become exposed and weakened Daesh maintenance of the land and recruit fighters “.
He stressed , “We are reducing the ability of Daesh operations, but unfortunately the political differences are exploited to carry out his crimes and some help him to raise confusion and some politicians on a voluntary basis and sometimes intentional publishes rumors of terrorism and strange some attribute liberation and victory for the Americans and they become a ride for terrorism , ” according to the recipe.
And kidnappings Abadi , said , “We identified a lot of kidnapping cells in Baghdad , some of them related to the factions armed and after detection is this faction or that Baltbro them , ” revealing that “some kidnappings linked to the police are helping the hijackers to carry out crimes and some of them do not publish flags to reveal the rest of the cell, but we have a follow – up to kidnappings and a large decrease. ”
“There is a political kidnapping and have established special cell to deal with this matter and will have results.”
The Prime Minister stressed the continuation of the government to fight corruption and this was reflected on the increase in revenue at border crossing points , “noting that ” Iraq ‘s expenses are still more revenue and fiscal deficits continuing budget but we are trying to achieve better financial management , and we have made progress to raise the financial credit rating of Iraq. ”
He noted that” some voices escalated after cutting corruption about them and the more oppression them these voices have risen but not Atninoa in this area. ”
declared Ebadi support for Iraq to extend the OPEC agreement to cut production in a reference to Saudi Arabia agreement and Russia yesterday to extend the OPEC output cut to March 2018
and that” the stability of prices recycl Is important to us and Iraq with OPEC output cut to raise prices and increase our resources, “he said . ” Iraq is committed to reducing its production 210 thousand barrels per day under OPEC ‘s agreement , “he said . ” This reduction does not serve Almenthh countries in OPEC, but even the rest of the economies of the world. ”
The new Prime Minister calling for the activation of community reconciliation.
“The displaced family or in the liberated areas , if one of its members in favor of belonging to Daesh Vsenallhm punishment but if disowned affects not only the penalty involved , and this file is very sensitive.”
When asked about Iraq ‘s debt Abadi announced the start of the government turns off part of it.
He explained that “Iraq ‘s most debt is internal and not external, and we have a fiscal deficit and reduced expenses , ” adding that ” the previous government by 30 trillion dinars local debts to banks and paid the salaries of companies self – financing non – productive, and was supposed are quenched these debts with the financial budget big but we have started to do so we turn off some of these debts and there improved financial management and turned the foreign debt to stimulate the economy and not for consumption. ”
“If the House of Representatives wants to reduce the fiscal deficit by reducing their salaries Filipdooa We are in the cabinet we have reduced our salaries,” warning of the “float of the Iraqi dinar as will fly enormous harm citizens have little value with the rise in commodity prices.”
And the efforts of politicians to hold foreign meetings on Iraq so strongly rejected Abadi , saying “conferences abroad is unjustified and afraid of the meeting in Baghdad Vliekd meeting in his area Kalanbar.”
He added , “As of the files in the judiciary They are few in number and they stand the political process , ” unlikely to “hold a second meeting is similar to the Conference Asentbol and Ahtjnna of these countries, we will not accept them in the future.”


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