Abadi: political differences to help the enemy to carry out terrorist operations in Iraq



Since 05/16/2017 18:47 am (Baghdad time)

BAGHDAD – The balance of News

Confirmed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi on Tuesday that political differences will help the enemy to carry out terrorist operations in Iraq, while the military announced the success of the plan in Ayman al-Mosul.

Ebadi said at a conference, attended / scales News /, “The political differences to help the enemy to carry out terrorist operations in the country,” stressing “the success of the military plan and humanitarian side carried out by security forces in various configurations in its different forms and Ayman al-Mosul”

He stressed that “intelligence capabilities in constant evolution to detect sleeper cells,” noting that “some published without confirmation of the validity of the information and promoting propaganda Daesh gangs in the media.”

He added that “there is a great effort on the level of security was foiled several kidnappings in time and raiding nests of crime,” referring to the “investigation into the allegations of the kidnappers belonging to this party or that faction.”

He explained Abadi, that “the government and part of its efforts to develop the economy and diversify sources of income and restore stability and the fight against corruption and to take advantage held several meetings with the Europeans officials and the envoy of the German Chancellor, who visited Baghdad this week, and discussed how to take advantage of the advanced international experience,” he said. “Focus on projects services such as water, sewer and stop wastage of money. ”

He noted, that “the government’s position of world oil prices proved to be a sound position and reflected positively on the stability of prices,” but he also said, “Today we renew our position with the extension of an output cut agreement by the Organization member states of the oil-exporting agreement OPEC and Iraq, a leading role in the organization.”

He criticized al-Abadi, “holding meetings on elections outside Iraq,” Msttrda “Why do they gather outside Iraq to protect international intelligence” .anthy 29/6 n




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