urgently .. military leadership directed an urgent warning to the people of Mosul


Urgent .. military command draws an urgent warning to the people of Mosul
one hour ago

Twilight News / face the battle of Nineveh , the commander of an urgent warning to the people of Logicians that fall under the control of the organization of movement Daesh not drive.
The commander of the coming Aaninoy operations, Abdul Amir Aarallah, in a statement reported to Twilight News, “to our people in the remaining areas under the occupation of Aldoaash terrorists, we have approached the hour of decision at the hands of your armed forces and the order has already been carried the victory and complete joy with minimal losses we ask you to stop using the wheels and motorcycle of all kinds on the spot. “

He added that “the enemy is Basthaddamha- wheels and Aldrajat- in the attacks on our forces under the pretext of the transfer of families.”

He said the Army Air “will beat any wheel moving in the streets of these neighborhoods as of this evening, the fifteenth of May today until liberation is complete. For our part, and provide the necessary wheels for transportation and evacuation event contact with any family.”


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