Counterterrorism: The role of the International Alliance has decreased in Ayman Mosul


Baghdad – Journal News
The anti-terrorism agency confirmed on Monday the low level of air strikes carried out by the international coalition on the right-hand coast of Mosul.
“There is ongoing coordination between the international coalition and the Iraqi air coordinator, through which the location of the air strikes against the locations of the terrorist organization in Mosul is determined,” spokesman for the anti-terrorism agency Sabah al-Nu’man told the Journal News.
“The reason for the low air strikes of the international coalition in Mosul is the population density in the old city of Mosul, where security forces are wary of civilian casualties and deal strictly with the places bombed by air,” he said.

“The anti-terrorism apparatus has a high and continuous coordination with the international coalition and has achieved high and fruitful results on the ground,” he said.
“There were different views on the reasons for the low level of air strikes carried out by the International Alliance in Iraq, noting that some of the strikes were due to the recent bombing that targeted a house in the new Mosul and killed dozens of civilians.”

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