Baghdadi Flees Mosul: Commander


Baghdadi Flees Mosul: Commander


ERBIL— Abubakir al-Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State (IS) organization, has abandoned his militants in the frontlines of Mosul and fled to an unidentified location, Iraqi media reported on Monday.

The sources quoted a commander from the Iraqi Counter-Terrorism Forces, Ma’an Sa’di as saying the extremists have reached the point to really think about withdrawing from Iraq as most of their colleagues have been killed and their hideouts destroyed.

Sa’di added the liberation of the Islah Ziraai neighborhood of Mosul was a blow stricken into the group because it was a highly fortified stronghold of the Islamic jihadists which they defended toughly.

“IS has been crushed extensively in Iraq and has lost control over its self-proclaimed capital [Mosul],” the commander said, “In Mosul no room is left for the extremists.”

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