The collapse of the ranks Daesh accelerates the liberation of Mosul


BAGHDAD – The Journal News

He said the leadership of the Iraqi joint operations, on Sunday, the collapsing refracts in the ranks of the terrorist organization Daesh right side of the city of Mosul (450 km north of Baghdad), Pat accelerates the liberation of the city the entire ad.

He expected the Council of Nineveh province Emancipation Proclamation from the grip of the “Daesh” terrorist, on the tenth of the month of June, as it represents the history of this importance, so as to organize the day of entry Daesh of Nineveh province and its control over the city center in 2014.

Spokesman Command Brigadier General Yahya Messenger, for “Journal News”, that “security cuts continue to progress towards its goals extends around the defensive lines of the elements of the terrorist organization Daesh.”

He added that “the pieces of security cover ongoing progress backed by the Iraqi army aviation and succession victories and progress by the pieces of the heroine.”

On the date of liberation, he said the Messenger “There is no specific timing to resolve the battle in the city of Mosul, but there are timing and plans going on security plans, in contrast, elements Daesh infected with a large state of collapse and refraction in front of the advance of Iraqi forces.”

He stressed that “refraction Daesh and collapse, will make the liberation of Mosul, much faster than ever.”

Stormed the federal police forces and the fight against terrorism, this morning (14 May 2017) Another neighborhoods of Mosul, the center of the loss of control of the organization and retreat armed men, and thus became the entire Mosul against Iraqi forces engaged in fierce fighting since October 17 fire 2016.


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