of the next electoral conflict .. Abadi al- Sadr and al – Maliki and Barzani to confront al – Jubouri and changeThe next electoral conflict .. Abadi al-Sadr and al-Maliki and Barzani to confront al-Jubouri and change

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Twilight News / despite the lack of an environment for the holding of elections in Iraq before April 2018, the political conflict has raged in recent weeks, especially among religious leader Moqtada al – Sadr and the leader of a coalition of state law , Vice President Nuri al – Maliki. 

While al- Sadr and head of the “National Alliance” Ammar al – Hakim , not only shows politicians historical rivals, but they nabe scene of the order coming alliances, as it calls for both to form a front includes, in addition to Shiite parties, Sunni and Kurdish forces to form the next government. 

Sadr used the street as a weapon to create an electoral atmosphere. And he called for a change and the Electoral Commission to change the electoral law or modify it . Because they have contributed to for Maliki ‘s coalition in 2014 the majority of votes, saying that 30 percent of those votes were rigged, and that the Commission contributed to the fraud. 

Although Maliki did not comment on it, but that his bloc supported by the Commission and was willing to extend its mandate to oversee the supposed provincial elections to be held in September (September) (likely to be postponed), as well as parliamentary elections in April 2018. 

On the other hand, confirms political parties that the intention is to the survival of the Commission, despite the pressure exerted by the “free” block of the current chest. He said a deputy state law, who preferred anonymity, told Al – Hayat, it is ” the Commission does not support but are considered after the interrogation will challenge dismiss the legitimacy of votes obtained by the bloc and in the legitimacy of the previous elections, and this is unacceptable.” 

Not far from this context, al – Maliki said during a reconciliation conference held in Najaf yesterday , “there are those plotting conspiracies against the political process, through attempts to postpone the elections.” 

“The Iraqis are determined to fight terrorism and terrorist groups, and must continue to fight takfiri thought.” 

“We believe in the elections and the peaceful transfer of power, and call not delay, because hidden behind the plot to disable the process of opening the door to interventions.” 

It seems almost inevitable postponement of provincial elections for the benefit of conduct, in conjunction with the general election, because of the end of military operations in the most important Sunni cities, and the debate over the Commission. 

And it aspires Maliki , who has been active political movement in recent weeks to collect different powers in favor of the formation of a political majority government under his leadership includes, in addition to most of the Shiite forces (except for al – Sadr) Sunni powers such as the current parliament speaker Salim al – Jubouri, and the forces of Kurdish such as “change” movement. 

Furthermore, al- Sadr ‘s efforts do not look different, he is approaching the declaration of an electoral alliance with the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, to form the axis may attract a coalition of “united” leader Osama Najafi and the forces of Kurdish – led Kurdistan Democratic Party, led by Massoud Barzani, and the goal of everyone to keep al – Maliki. 

The conflict between the two currents of Shiite take in turn different forms, While pressure al- Sadr continues through its base mass activist demonstrations weekly in response to the request of its leader, al – Maliki seeks to narrow the limits of Sadr ‘s ability to use the street, it supports legislation that “freedom of expression and demonstration” law , which restricts demonstrations and linking security approvals administrative and difficult. 

The parliament was scheduled to vote today on the law, but the pressure exerted by civil forces and civil society organizations pushed the competent committees to submit the draft agenda and to postpone the vote on it


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