Abadi Office announces investment of all quantities of gas associated with the extraction of oil the end of 2018

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Abadi Office announces investment of all quantities of gas associated with the extraction of oil the end of 2018

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} The Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to invest all quantities of gas associated with the extraction of oil by the end of next year, between the government intends to begin procedures assignment for pipeline project to export Iraqi crude oil through the port of Aqaba on the Red Sea, referring to the start of the assignment procedures Investment in roads and bridges sector to secure the international road link between Baghdad and the Jordanian border, technical, security and economic aspects.

According to a statement to inform the Office of the Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi he received by the agency {Euphrates News} a copy of it today , ” a commitment from the government to implement the government program, which included the fourth axis , which increase oil and gas production to improve the financial sustainability has taken many measures have been done key steps in the scope of the development of the industry oil being the biggest contributor to the generation of public revenues of the state , whether it be in the area of increasing the amount of oil fields or explored the development of infrastructure necessary to increase oil exports to the establishment and development of the pipeline for the transfer of crude oil and marketing networks across the And Ane export outlets as well as increasing amounts of oil production during the last three years and progressively as the amount of oil produced daily in 2014, 3.00011 million thousand barrels per day and saw this amount increased by 20% in 2015 and by 34% in 2016 and by 36% in in 2017, compared to the amount of oil that was produced by Iraq in 2014 “. 
He added , “As part of the gas investment associated with who was going to waste has yielded the program established to stop waste and achieve optimal investment associated gas to benefit from 50% of the quantities at the end of the year 2016, as the amount of associated gas wasted was amounting to 2800 million standard cubic feet per day According to government set plans and procedures, the investor proportion of this amount has been reached by the end of last year to 1,400 million standard cubic feet per day. ” 
The statement continued , “and will invest all the associated gas quantities by the end of next year, it has been the results of the government ‘s efforts in this regard that Iraq has begun for the first time export of gas condensate and liquid gas, if exported the first shipment of condensate in March in 2016, and the first shipment of liquid gas, Iraq chest in July 2016 , where Iraq ‘s transition from a net importer to an exporter of liquefied compressed after it exceeded the self – sufficiency of the gas which is used for cooking stage, with a total of chest Iraq in less than a year more than 2.303 million {two million three hundred and three } thousand barrels of condensate, and more than 40,000 {four ¥ thousand} tons of liquid gas has achieved imports amounted to more than $ 100 million this as well as the provision of the amounts that were spent to import liquid gas annually for example , amounted to the quantities imported in 2015 from the gas material liquid 285.56 thousand {two hundred and eighty – five thousand five hundred and sixty} tons at a cost of the amount of more than $ 141 million for the purpose of bridging the consumer need in Iraq, is expected to liquid gas production to rise in the coming years to six times the current production. ” 
And “With regard to increasing the storage capacity of crude oil for export from Iraqi ports it has been set up warehouses with a capacity of crude oil college amount of about 700 thousand cubic meters.” 
As part of the government effort to diversify and multiple export outlets for Iraqi oil confirmed the statement that ” the government intends to begin procedures assignment for pipeline project to export Iraqi crude oil through the port of Aqaba on the Red Sea and the result achieved the increase of production of Iraqi crude oil and expected increase in the coming years and Simitdd pipeline for a distance of 1490 kilometers and will activate this project is the labor market and provides wide opportunities to absorb the workforce and will have a direct positive economic return on the Iraqi economy , and will represent the head of a step in the revitalization of the investment that the government is working on the implementation of the government to activate the program Ot path Baiqa paper Government Reform adopted by Dr. Haider al – Abadi Prime Minister. ” 
He noted that “with respect to the support of the oil industry in general and to strengthen the role of national cadres in which it has approved the Cabinet bill the National Oil Company and to submit it to the parliament to complete legislation measures, which represents an important starting point in building and support specialized in the field of oil industry and to maximize the technical and human potential in the national capacity various aspects of the oil sector and exploration Astkhraja and refinement. ” 
The statement said , “and in appreciation of the efforts and sacrifices of the anti – terrorism police and federal recognition of the Council of Ministers for their heroism in the battles for liberation to enhance human capabilities have been approved to launch 26250 {twenty – six thousand and two hundred and fifty} degree functional with the financial allocations for them and by 1250 {thousand and two hundred and fifty} degree device the fight against terrorism and 25,000 {and twenty – five thousand degrees} functional federal police, this move came despite the difficult financial situation that Iraq is going through and the difficulty of providing new functional degrees. ” 
And he went on ” the interest of the government to move forward to open the doors of investment and stimulate partnership between the public and private sector in the reconstruction of the liberated areas and the rehabilitation of the infrastructure needed to stimulate economic activity in Iraq , thus alleviating the burden on the State and ensure the provision of new job opportunities assignment for investment measures began in an important sector and only a basic roads and bridges sector to secure the international road link between Baghdad and the Jordanian border , technical, security and economic aspects , while ensuring that the Iraqi side determines the amount of the tariff for traffic on the highway, and the proportion of the Iraqi government of the operating revenues of the project And the adoption of a trade – off represented by the required duration of the direct conduct of vehicles on the road, and the number and type of complementary services that are created along the road standards. ” 
The statement “where the investing company will rehabilitate the road and bridges built upon and maintained continuously and reform Altaksvat taking place where the road lighting and set up break stations and the parking wheels and maintenance workshops for vehicles pedestrians on the road and gas stations , as well as set up a fence on both sides of the road to ensure that no crossing of animals and vehicles contrary to the system BIOS that causes accidents, this is the technical side of the company ‘s commitment to investing. ” 

And “As for the security side marker investor insurance side of the road a depth of five kilometers and will take place all these steps under the supervision of the Ministry of Housing and Construction in the technical side and the Ministry of Defense and Interior in the security and traffic side will form this project is an important step in the field of activating trade exchange between Iraq and the countries of the world as well as re road transport of goods and passengers sector through the international road link with Jordan and Syria, as this project will include the development of the infrastructure of the border port in order to facilitate Trebil provide better service for employees and the passengers and truck drivers passing through it and provides a smooth flow of P The movement of vehicles through the port “.anthy



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