A massive offensive to liberate another neighborhoods of Mosul


5/15/2017 0:00

 Mosul / morning
with the rising of a new dawn on Sunday, our heroine began a sweeping attack from three axes to free another revival of the right side of theconnector.
The championships coincided with successive victories in terms of Kairouan by the popular crowd Snaded Almsnaudin Btiran army forcing terrorists to flee towards the center of the besieged currently in preparation for storming it .
According to the commander of operations (coming, Nineveh), Lieutenant – General Abdul Amir Aarallah, the “joint military forces stormed at dawn on Sunday , four neighborhoods simultaneously in advance and set off Juhavlha three axes.” He said in astatement issued by the media cell war that “anti – terrorism forces began at dawn stormed neighborhoods Oraibi and Rifai from the western axis and was able during thebrief period of the destruction of enemy fortifications Aldaasha and inflict heavy losses.”He added that “at the same time embarked on forces of the Federal Police of Force rapid response supported by the Fourth Brigade Thirty of the Armored Division IX stormed theeconomic district and the southern part of the neighborhood (July 17) , which is one of the most prominent and the most dangerous spots Daesh gangs, and able forces destroy the block lines and crossing defenses the enemy Aldaasha collapsed. ” The ninth Armored Division troops stormed the northern part of the neighborhood itself, and destroyed his defense lines. He stressed that the team Aarallah forces continue toprogress in all axes. Military experts believe that this progress and after the liberation of the neighborhood (July 17) will not be left only part of the old areas of the city, where our troops are approaching the narrow collar down more terrorists holed up in . They pose achallenge because of the nature of the narrow alleys of densely populated area  of



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