Is Sistani refused to receive Almaliki..oulmama and his deputy clashed protections fistfights President

Journal May 13, 2017

Najaf – News Journal
Denied a source familiar cleric Ali al-Sistani refused to receive the Vice President of the Iraqi President Nuri al-Maliki in Najaf.
The source said the reporter, “Journal News” Saturday that “the news that talked about mediation by Iraqi President Fuad Masum, to arrange a date for the meeting between Sistani and al-Maliki baseless.”
The source pointed out that “once the infallible conference of national reconciliation forum, returned to Baghdad,” pointing out that “Maliki did not ask to meet Sistani and was limited to Hzawrh Alsmalhh only conference.”
And on the clash that took place between the guards and the protection of the infallible Maliki source said that “al-Maliki to protect them from fomenting chaos began, after keeping the row over the reins and provide protection to the gathering, which led to the injury of a number of members to protect both sides.”
It is said that the province of Najaf embraced earlier in the day National Forum for community reconciliation in the presence of the Iraqi president and his first deputy Nuri al-Maliki, as well as multiple personalities.

Video .. clash between the hands and the protection of infallible guards Maliki

 Twilight News / signed a clash with hands between the protection of Iraqi President Fuad Masum, and the protection of his deputy Nuri al-Maliki during their visit to the city of Najaf on Saturday, injuring a number of individuals to protect both sides.
The disagreement took place on keeping the reins and provide protection to the gathering, which was held on national reconciliation in the holy city of Najaf, in the presence of a large number of dignitaries and tribal leaders and notables.

IS Chief Baghdadi Leaves His Followers to Die in Mosul: Official


IS Chief Baghdadi Leaves His Followers to Die in Mosul: Official


ERBIL — The Islamic State (IS) Leader Abubakir al-Baghdadi has fled Mosul and reportedly headed to Syria.

General Maan al-Saadi, an official from the Iraqi counter-terrorism service told Al Arabiya that the IS chief Abubakr al-Baghdadi has fled Mosul and abandoned his soldiers, “leaving them to die.”

Saadi said Baghdadi has fled to an unknown location and expected be plotting further international attacks.

The IS militants have suffered significant loss in Mosul and that the they “no longer feel they have a place” in the city following the liberation of most of the city’s districts, he said.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi previously said that the information available about Baghdadi indicates that he has fled Mosul a long time ago, stating that the IS militants are left with only two choices, “surrendering or death.”

Baghdadi has lost control over the operations in Mosul, playing no role in the fighting in the city. According to the Iraqi military officials, his role ended in this region.

Mas’oum, Maliki and Jabouri arrive in Najaf


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Mas'oum, Maliki and Jabouri arrive in Najaf

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Najaf / Al-Ghad Press:
President Fuad Masum and Salim al-Jubouri and Vice President Nuri al-Maliki arrived in Najaf on Saturday to attend a conference on “community reconciliation”.
A source familiar with the “Al-Gharab Press,” that “a national meeting of community reconciliation is held today in Al-Haidariyah, Najaf province, in the presence of President Fuad Masum, and Speaker of the House of Representatives Salim Jubouri, as well as Vice President and head of a coalition of state law, . Without giving further details.

Majida al-Tamimi talks about a “month period” regarding the dismissal of the Electoral Commission



Majida al-Tamimi talks about a "month period" regarding the dismissal of the Electoral Commission

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Baghdad / Al-Ghad Press:
The MP for the Liberal bloc, Majida al-Tamimi, on Saturday, the existence of talks between some political blocs and the Liberal bloc to give the Committee of Experts a month to choose a new commission and the dismissal of the current Commission, confirming that it had not received information about the schedule of the next meeting of the parliament whether it includes a withdrawal of confidence or No.
“I submitted to the presidency of the parliament signatures of more than 50 deputies to request the withdrawal of confidence from the Electoral Commission, and we have not yet received information about tomorrow’s session whether it includes the vote on the withdrawal of confidence or not,” Tamimi said.
She added that “is now that some of the political blocs negotiated with the Liberal bloc in giving them a month to choose a new commission and the dismissal of the current Commission and this dialogue, which is currently underway,” indicating “for us want to dismiss this Commission, but the request came the excuse of choosing the Commission of Experts new Commission and dismissal The current UNHCR so as not to be a vacuum in the work of the Commission, according to them. “
Tamimi said, “We want more negotiations on the subject to achieve the desired goal without extending the time more than the mentioned limit because our goal to dismiss the Commission within a short period.”
The Tamimi had revealed earlier, the collected parliamentary signatures to dismiss the Electoral Commission.
It is noteworthy that Tamimi had required the head of the Electoral Commission, Sirbast Mustafa in the House of Parliament, asking the members of the House of Representatives to vote to dismiss the Commission on “corruption and manipulation of the votes of voters.”

.. Last Mabaki by map of Mosul Daesh Ayman


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} published the Joint Special Operations Command / cell media war on Friday to map the last remaining occupied by Daesh terrorist gangs in the right side of the city of Mosul.
The proportion of these neighborhoods occupied less than 10% of the right side space.
Security forces liberated today, the first neighborhoods of Agrarian Reform and Agrarian Reform and the second second Hermat with the perpetuation of contact with economists ‘ neighborhood and July 17 on the right coast of the city of Mosul.
The Ministry of Defense announced its intention to release the entire city of Mosul ,right beside the month of Ramadan, which marks the end of the month of May before Gara.anthy

Economic adviser Ebadi calls for the province to release its oil revenues to calculated budget


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confirmed the appearance of Mohammed Saleh , an economic adviser to Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi said the oil relationship between Baghdad and Arbil need understandings to reach solutions that Iraqi source of oil revenues be included by the government of the Kurdistan region in the federal budget, while noting securing the central government salaries State employees and retirees benefits of social welfare salaries.
Saleh said in a press statement that “the Kurdistan region to provide a statement of account from one ofglobal marketing companies includes oil production in the fields and the volume of export and financial revenues in preparation to be added to the oil revenues from central and southern Iraq fields to be on thebasis of which the calculation amounts of the federal budget of the Iraqi state rather than adopting those thebudget only on the central and southern provinces of oil. ”
And on the financial situation of the state, he said that “state employees, retirees and benefits covered by thesalaries of salaries of social protection network is one of the priorities of the Iraqi state and locked well, and the difficult conditions experienced by Iraq , currently economic and security terms , will not be more difficult than those faced by Iraq in the past two years during which he was able to secure salaries. ”

Edit neighborhood Hermat third Ayman Mosul


The Journal News

Military cell media announced on Saturday, edit the third Hermat on the right coast of the city of Mosul district (450 km north of Baghdad).

The commander of operations are coming Aaninoy team Abdul Amir Yar Allah in a statement received by the “Journal News”, that “the pieces of the Federal Police of Force rapid reaction and army troops of Brigade Armored 34 Armored Division Ninth Brigade Infantry 73 Infantry Division, the fifteenth liberated neighborhood third Hermat.”

“The forces continue to provide and sustain contact with the 17th district of July and the editor has completed the entire Hermat area on the right coast of the city of Mosul.”