New agreements between Iraq and Egypt


5/14/2017 0:00

Abadi and signed by Ismail next month

Cairo / Isra Khalifa

At a time when it is held in Baghdad next month , an important meeting between Iraq and Egypt, Cairo , Baghdad has demanded the return of a number of old Iraqi currency in the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities.
And he reviewed the Iraqi Ambassador to Egypt and Permanent Representative to the Arab League Ambassador Habib al- Sadr with the Egyptian Minister of Antiquities in thepresence of Khalid al – Anani «morning», Iraqi – Egyptian relations, and Machdth of amajor development in recent political and economic levels. The ambassador pointed out al- Sadr to the presence of «Iraqi political consensus Egyptian in regards to all Arab issues, there is also a great development will happen next month, as the Egyptian – Iraqi Committee will be held after a hiatus since 2002 , and moved from the ministerial level to the presidential to sign a number of agreements by the President Minister Haider al -Abadi and his Egyptian counterpart Ismail Sharif in Baghdad ».

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