Is Sistani refused to receive Almaliki..oulmama and his deputy clashed protections fistfights President

Journal May 13, 2017

Najaf – News Journal
Denied a source familiar cleric Ali al-Sistani refused to receive the Vice President of the Iraqi President Nuri al-Maliki in Najaf.
The source said the reporter, “Journal News” Saturday that “the news that talked about mediation by Iraqi President Fuad Masum, to arrange a date for the meeting between Sistani and al-Maliki baseless.”
The source pointed out that “once the infallible conference of national reconciliation forum, returned to Baghdad,” pointing out that “Maliki did not ask to meet Sistani and was limited to Hzawrh Alsmalhh only conference.”
And on the clash that took place between the guards and the protection of the infallible Maliki source said that “al-Maliki to protect them from fomenting chaos began, after keeping the row over the reins and provide protection to the gathering, which led to the injury of a number of members to protect both sides.”
It is said that the province of Najaf embraced earlier in the day National Forum for community reconciliation in the presence of the Iraqi president and his first deputy Nuri al-Maliki, as well as multiple personalities.


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