Iraqi forces are rushing to cut off the last half of the battle


5/14/2017 0:00

Translation / Anis al – Saffar * * Bithan McKiernan Bethan McKernan / The Independent newspaper
wave after wave of residents continued to flee the city of Mosul amid fighting raged in thefinal stages of the battle to liberate the city.
Iraqi forces continued pressure on the last remaining members of the terrorist organization and forcing them to withdraw to a few neighborhoods on the western side of the Tigris River, but the progress encountered difficulties in the past week , while she attempts to open a new front through the alleys of the old city ‘s narrow from the south.Then it developed a new plan included the progress of the north – west axis. This progress has been made rapid success, says the commander of the Iraqi Special Forces Lieutenant General Sami Arda, after a week of fighting which managed more than 11 thousand civilians from leaving the city braving the danger of snipers and mortar bombs that are falling like rain.
“Joel Wong,” an analyst in the affairs of Iraq and the owner of a blog site “Meditations in Iraq , ” he said, in an interview with the Independent newspaper: “were not the Daesh defenses designed in this side to repel the new intrusion, and the human capacity has diminished. So it was progress quickly the army and police have been able to achieve contact with the anti – terrorism forces in the center, and they now continue to progress together to break into the last remaining part of Mosul, and is likely to liberate the city by the end of this month or early June ing  an
end. ”
Federal police team leader Shaker Jawdat has confirmed his part , also said that the elite units in the rapid reaction forces succeeded on Thursday in achieving breakthroughs economists neighborhood , which is not far from the Grand Mosque only a few hundred meters, a mosque , which declared him to Abu Bakr al – Baghdadi , leader of the ” Daesh “do what he called” state succession Daesh “.
While “Daesh” forces swept large areas of the territory of Iraq and Syria in the summer of2014 Mosul has become the crown jewel for her. But it seems that the end of the control of the terrorists on the city today has loomed Bashairha in sight after nearly three years after the occurrence of approximately 1.5 million Iraqi civilian residents under penalty of the oppression of the “Daesh”, and eight months after the start of the process of”determination inherent.” Map of the Iraqi army published on Thursday showed that thesecurity forces now control 90 percent of the city. However, approximately 350 thousand civilians are still trapped in the revival of the western side of Mosul, and they are not expected to reach them for help quickly, The Independent newspaper met with a number of civilians in the preamble to the refugee camp who managed to flee in recent weeks Vovedua that food is running out in a number of areas have been paying prices this basic materials, such as sugar, to rise up to the price of one kilogram of it was 35 thousand dinars.
According to Agence France – Presse reports that the last remaining neighborhoods in the hands of the people “Daesh” has sent messages on the site “WhatsApp” to their relatives in the neighborhoods liberated , expressing their difficult situation. They besiegers said that “Daesh” she did often on the booby – trapping houses or shut thedoors on families Almtazavrh and then fastened them to prevent them from welding toescape.
Says Joseph, aged 12 years , a resident of the preamble to the camp since the start of the campaign to save the west of Mosul , in the month of March and a wave ofdisplacement that followed, he was worried about his friends who remained there, either because they’re trapped or because they do not want to leave their homes behind  the
line of fire. Yusuf says: “Whenever we play abroad and reforming us a member of Daesh we were racing to escape. My family are all here with me , but I miss my friends, I do not know what happened to them.”
Says Falah Bakir , the head Department of Foreign Affairs in the government of theneighboring province of Nineveh province of Kurdistan, which sent Wafa Peshmerga fighters to participate in the battle: “We are about to go down the military defeat Bdaash in Iraq, but this will not be the end of the battle, as it will result in Baghdad, Erbil and Nineveh coordination together to defeat extremist ideology. We will not allow such organizations to emerge again, but we have to address the causes of the problem in Iraq and Syria from its roots in order to succeed. ”
However , the city may remain dangerous even after finally cleansed of terrorists. During the ongoing battle managed to “Daesh” several times of the attacks on the rear of theadvancing forces, and in some cases they can even restore some neighborhoods. Or terrorists might resort to shaving their beards and wearing civilian clothes turned into sleeper cells in areas under government control. The estimated number of elements of the US military “Daesh” remaining at about 1000 items.
Analyst “Joel Wong , ” says: “Once you’ve taken away another piece of land from the hands of the organization will be the next process is to move to the effort and investigative intelligence to prosecute members of Daesh and mopped to prevent them from melting again among locals and mingling with them.”

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