Nujaifi establishes a new party to “save the country”


Najafi founded a new party to "save the country"
2 hours ago

Twilight News / announced Vice President Osama Najafi, on Friday, the establishment of a new party as “united Iraq,” he said he would work to “save the country” in cooperation with the other forces.

He said Najafi, who is also leader of the united coalition, told a news conference in Erbil, said that “the party has been established for Iraq are united in order to save the country in cooperation with the major political forces.”

He pointed out that “there are many offers from political parties for an alliance with them ahead of the elections,” noting that the new party as a “big block represents a broad spectrum of political blocs agree with our vision.”

He called Nujaifi converts the provinces into regions, noting that “all the political options that are consistent with the Iraqi constitution must be respected, and the formation of regions and the constitutional right to claim its formation full legal and constitutional issue.”

He pointed out that he did not call days to form a Sunni province.

And on the military campaign against Daesh and stages after regulation, Najafi said that “the army will return to the camps after the liberation of Nineveh and the forces that have contributed to the liberation will return to their bases, which holds the land are the sons of Nineveh from the local police and the crowds.” Stressing that “Nineveh will be, however, their children will not be stabilized unless managed by their children, and this is a natural right.”

And between Nujaifi, that “following the liberation of Mosul and the expulsion of terrorism an important and complex stage need to reach understandings, management and reconstruction and curb unruly militias and uncover the fate of the detainees, and those things, the government is unable to it.”




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