Big victories for the crowd in the first day of the Battle of {Baaj Kairouan}

5/13/2017 0:00

Edit shy of agrarian reform and the second Hermat Hospital Noor
Mosul / morning
One day after the announcement of the leadership of Mosul operations, freeing 90 percent of the right coast area, fired the leaders of the popular crowd on Friday, the second page of operations “Muhammad is the messenger of God” to liberate areas of Kairouan and Baaj strategic western Nineveh access to the Syrian border, in the form ofconfirming the determination of leadership military to speed up decisively purge the cities, and defeating the terrorist gangs, especially after the news that confirmed the dispersion of “Daesh” gangs of many of its leaders have beenkilled in various operations breakers. Only a few hours from the start of operations ,”Muhammad is the Messenger of God II not go , ” said the leaders of the crowd until theliberalization of a number of strategic areas and villages, during the battle , which waslaunched from the four axes towards Kairouan, and the attribution of the Iraqi army aviation. Victories achieved in the process of “Muhammad is the messenger of God II” accompanied by military progress last, achieved by the heroes of anti – terrorism forces, who were able to edit the first agrarian reform neighborhood in the right coast, while cuts federal police succeeded by editing the neighborhood second Hermat, and sustaining contact with economists neighborhood inspired by July 17.
For its part, the federal police command announced on Friday, freeing Nour Al Ahli Hospital south of the Old City, he said the federal police team leader Raed Shakir Jawdat said in astatement: ” The federal police forces managed to open a supply route from Mosul to Tal Afar spend controlled by” Daesh ” also west of the city. ”
In the context of the victories achieved, the leadership of the Joint Operations published, cell media war, the latest map on the right side of the city of Mosul, which explained purge 90 percent of the total area of that coast.

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