Deputy: Abadi, vowed to clear Rafie al-Issawi blatant interference and to eliminate abuse


History of edits:: 2017/5/11 12:05127 times readable
[Oan- Baghdad]
showed an MP for a coalition of state law , high Nassif surprise of the Vice President of the Republic President of the united coalition, Osama Najafi , the statements that Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi pledged to address the issue of the leadership of the Federation of Iraqi forces Rafie al – Issawi and will be re – so -called “right”.
Nassif said in a statement reported by its press office today received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it ,, that “the Abadi , giving pledges to clear al – Issawi is a blatant interference in the work of the judiciary, is that al -Abadi has gained the upper on the elimination of the hand and can circumvent the court rulings issued against persons were convicted of criminal offenses Kalisawa? What about the blood of the victims and thepublic right? “.
It showed that “just like the launch of such statements is the abuse of the Iraqi judiciary and questioning the fairness and integrity, and there is no al – Abadi al – Nujaifi Asttien interference in the work of the judiciary and the acquittal of a person is wanted for murder.”
On the other hand , it criticized Nassif continued Arbil in harboring persons wanted to spend, saying , “We hoped Erbil to cooperate with the center and start a new page after the end of an era Daesh, but unfortunately continues to shelter wanted to eliminate, as evidenced by the convicted Rafie al – Issawi is in Erbil seen in the Adnan al – Dulaimi , a light, “stressing” the need to arrest him and hand him over to Baghdad to obtain a just punished. ”



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