In response to the Abadi .. Economy representative announces the amount of Iraq’s debt


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{Baghdad} Euphrates News announced member of the Parliamentary Economy and Investment, on Wednesday, how much of Iraq’s foreign and domestic debt, indicating it of “107 billion dollars.”
The committee member Najiba Najib, in a press statement that “internal and external debt of Iraq amounted to $ 107 billion divided into internal and external debt and debt precedent since the former regime.”
She noted that “Iraq ‘s debt in the former regime is estimated in 55 billion dollars.”
Najib explained that “internal loans amounted to 45 trillion dinars went to cover the fiscal deficit for the financial budgets for Iraq since 2014 until now.”
He noted that ” the recent foreign loans of 21 trillion dinars funded investment projects for the development of infrastructure.”
The Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi, said yesterday during his weekly press conference, said that ” the international debt on Iraq a few, and we have an internal debt as the external debt part of compensation, including the Paris Club.”
And between, “in this crisis are not our large loans as the most affordable and the proportion of very interest a few some of the World Bank to support the budget and this does not constitute a significant burden on the country because it is low interest rate, as well as a German loan to help Iraq in building areas , a rate very supported by the British and loan interest on credit for the construction of infrastructure “.anthy

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