Flies” covers dead Daesh and Mosul is about to edit them completely


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Since 10/05/2017 10:51 pm (Baghdad time)

Baghdad balances News

Littered with the bodies of the elements of the organization Daesh covered by flies in the streets of a neighborhood of Mosul, while the US-backed joint forces advancing in the last remaining group of neighborhoods that are still under the control of terrorists.

And seven months after the start of the second largest city in Iraq, Mosul campaign says the joint operations it is now in its final phase, opening a new front in the northwest of the city last week and check gains in several neighborhoods there.

Under the besieged in the region are shrinking without a way out terrorists resort to car bombs and snipers hiding among hundreds of thousands of civilians who are holding them hostage.

And warplanes launched air strikes and pounded helicopters belonging to the organization of aircraft sites, while the number of car bombs exploded in the area. It could be heard firing heavy sniper and mortar fire in the last neighborhoods of Mosul, which was not liberated.

He said Dat rapid reaction forces that 250 members in “Daesh” killed in Hermat during the past five days.

And it went out of hundreds of families from Hermat and 17 July and the other neighborhoods located on the front lines of the fight to join about 435 thousand people displaced from the western sector of Mosul since Iraqi forces began the attack in February, according to United Nations figures.

Says Abu Ahmed, 44, who rode a van carrying civilians that terrorists forced 48 people to enter into the basement of his home in the Mushayrifa area before releasing him to fire their weapons. The aim was to lure Iraqi forces to hit the house and thus pitting them civilians.

He said, “They tried to scare us to help them and said that the army Sigtsb our women, but we did not believe them.”

Brigadier General Mehdi Abbas Abdullah, of the rapid reaction forces, it is with no ways of trying to escape a growing number of terrorists to leave the city Baltkhva between the fleeing civilians.

Brigadier General Abdullah said that the Iraqi forces examine all emerging from Mosul families.

The increasingly difficult conditions in the few remaining neighborhoods under the control of terrorists with running out of food and civilian casualties in the bombing.

He said one of the citizens over the phone, according to Reuters Mazkrth, said at least 10 people were killed, including his neighbor as a result of air strikes and mortar bombs since Tuesday.

He explained that the terrorists burn civilian vehicles to form a pull smoke prevent aerial surveillance, and they took up positions on the roofs of high buildings and wearing explosive belts. He says “fear and confusion evident on their faces.”

General Abdul Amir Rashid Allah Yar said the commander of operations are coming Aaninoy, in a statement that the fight against terrorism, a restored industrial zone on Tuesday.

A woman in the agrarian reform neighborhood next door you can now see the Iraqi flag from afar.

She added that the woman was forced to eat grass “die from hunger if not reach us within a week. Despite the heavy bombardment we are happy to Iraqi forces approaching us.”

The last thing edited neighborhood labs security forces in the right side of the city is leaving no more than 4 to revive only in the city did not enter forces Alamnah.anthy 29 / d 24



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