Trump holds surprises to Saudi Arabia


Trump holds surprises for Saudi Arabia
42 minutes ago

Twilight News / US President is expected to Donald Trump holds during his visit to Saudi Arabia this month, economic surprises, amid expectations of agreement on investments and huge projects cost up to $ 200 billion.
And formed the huge value of direct investments expected and indirect over the next four years, within one of the important stages in the implementation of “Vision Saudi Arabia 2030” to diversify the economy and freed from dependence on oil revenues, and this will provide important opportunities for Saudi economic and investment cooperation with the United States.

Analysts believe that Trump will pay special attention to the retail sector in Saudi Arabia after Riyadh announced a fully open to foreign investors, and will carry a significant economic surprises in various areas of investment are not particularly ones.

In an unconventional move for the rulers of the White House, Trump decided that the first foreign visit to be Saudi Arabia, describing them as “historic.”

The aides said the US president, that this decision reflects the efforts to try to restore relations with the Muslim world.

It is expected that the two sides will hold talks on oil prices, as well as to discuss the IPO shares of the Saudi Company “Aramco”, hoping that Trump ‘s management supports the IPO of Saudi, and reshaping the economic and trade relations so as to facilitate trade between America and the Gulf.

For his part, he said the Saudi foreign minister, Adel al – Jubeir, the former, said that his country ‘s strong economic partner of the United States and the largest oil exporter, and most investors in the world, describing Trump ‘s visit to the Kingdom as a “historic by all standards.”



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