Recommendation recovery of 34 billion dinars to the state treasury


5/10/2017 0:00

Baghdad / Jinan al – Asadi
recommended the inspector general of the Office of the Ministry of Transport to retrieve nearly 34 billion dinars to the state treasury after the disclosure of a number of financial and administrative corruption in the ministry issues, revealing the existence of a number of obstacles facing the work and proposed solutions to them appropriate.
Revealed last year’s annual report issued by the Inspector of the Ministry ofTransportation office, summed up the «morning», a copy of it, that the problem ofinvestigative committees in the office, recommended the recovery of $ 33 billion and 950 million dinars to the state treasury after determining the financial and administrative irregularities committed in various projects before the committees office, including auditing visits to the companies and the ministry included employees who have provided false documents of study were large sums of money exchange is unnecessary.
He went as among those projects, granting a certificate to an investor Joy Unlike thestomach controls by the Ministry and the Civil Aviation Authority, in addition to overtaking on the ground Baghdad airport, in addition to a special contract fulfillment of wages crossing aircraft, as well as cases of fraud in bonuses exchange transactions, as well as acontract between the General Company for Maritime transport Company of the private sector, and the theft of 100 ticket booking office of validity, as well as the payment ofallowances to the gravity of a group of pilots and engineers , air traffic controllers in theGeneral Company for Iraqi Airways.
The report revealed the main obstacles facing the work of the Bureau , including thefailure to approve the law on the offices of inspectors general by the House ofRepresentatives, and the lack of owners certified by the Ministry of Finance, in addition to the lack of adequate Alastqalalah from the ministry to keep the influences and pressures, as well as the lack of precision by applying the instructions and implementation of projects that causing delay the completion of projects within a period of achievement.
The report confirmed that the Office has taken solutions to the above, including theadoption of the law on inspectors general ‘s office by the House of Representatives, and increasing the number of degrees in the angel by the Ministry of Finance and supplement the departments of the Ministry and its branches staffing, as well as increasing thenumber of training courses for its affiliates outside the country, adding to the need there is support for the expansion of the independence of the office of the ministry , which helps in the dimensions of interventions and influences and pressures from their work.

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