Erbil is ready to hold talks with Baghdad to resolve the problems between them


Bzork Mohammed

GMT 14:46 2017 Althelaia May 9 GMT 14:54 2017 Althelaia May 9 : Last Updated

Kurdistan Regional Government expressed its willingness to hold intensive talks on all levels with the central government in Baghdad in order to address the outstanding problems between the two sides.

Elaf: a statement publishedIraqi Kurdistan Regional Government said that Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani met on Tuesday with General Tom Beckettspecial envoyBritish Prime Ministersecurity affairs in Iraqmilitary anddelegation accompanying him.

Where the two sides discussed the latest developments in the political, economic and military developments, particularly in relation to the war on the organization Daesh, as well as to discuss military plans for the reorganization of the military restructuring of the Peshmerga forces to form a unified regular force professional in the Kurdistan region.

The statement quoted the head of the Kurdistan Regional Government as saying that the region is ready to engage in intensive negotiations at all levels of the central government with the aim of finding an urgent and effective solutions to all outstanding problems between the two sides.

The future of Mosul
as Nechirvan Barzani pointed tomilitary and security formats betweenPeshmerga forcesIraqi government inwar on militants Daesh to liberatecityMosul fromgriporganization, praisinginternational project to createmilitary force forKurdistan region, which offers great facilities tounificationPeshmerga forcesmilitary reforms in the MinistryPeshmerga.

On the future of the city of Mosul after liberation, the President of the Government of the Territory stressed the need for a court management plan for the city between coexisting components together, so as to restore confidence among all local parties, praising the role of the coalition countries against the organization Daesh in the provision of humanitarian and military aid to the Kurdistan region, which has become shelter hundreds of thousands of displaced Iraqis and Syrians refugees in nearly three years.

Outstanding problems
should be noted that relations between Baghdad and Erbil inprocesstugwar, approaching sometimes to breaking point becausesharp disagreements regarding several files, saidhinder the comprehensive normalization, especiallyfatedisputed areas, whichstill underdepth political debate betweentwo sides.

The fundamental differences have surfaced since the 2007 oil file while the Kurdistan Regional Government, headed by Nechirvan Barzani began to extract this wealth from the wells of Kurdistan unilaterally and adopt an independent export policy of the federal government fields, bringing relations to great tension after the central government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki blocked the share Territory of the federal budget in 2012, and since then threaten the Kurdish leadership to conduct a popular referendum for independence from Iraq.

War against Daesh
For his partpraised Gen. Tom BeckettSpecial EnvoyBritish governmentsuccesses and “victories” achieved byPeshmerga forces infighting fronts against militants Daesh, restore large tracts of Iraqi territory fromgriporganization.

Beckett also stressed the need to normalize the situation and draw a political map with the participation of all political parties in the region in parallel with military operations that take place now to restore all under the control of the organization Daesh areas.

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