Baghdad and Washington towards activating the strategic framework agreement


05/09/2017 12:40:00

Khandan – Foreign Relations Committee in the Iraqi parliament announced the approval of the United States to activate the strategic framework in which countries signed an agreement in 2008, as Baghdad complaining of labor agreement stopped.

The Foreign Relations Committee member Abbas al – Bayati said in an interview to the newspaper (life), ” The United States expressed its readiness to activate the agreement , which includes political, security, military, economic and educational aspects.”

“The most important results of the recent visit of Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi Washington was Washington ‘s readiness to activate the agreement, and reinforced that phone calls and visits by US officials , ” explaining that “Iraq confirms that his negligence in alliance with the United States.”

Bayati said that “sub – committees will be soon to discuss the activation of the agreement and expand it, ” noting that “there is aneed to reconsider the number of administrative instructions and protocols to implement the agreement , ” explaining that ” the military side is dominant now relationship. After the elimination of Daesh will be the development of other aspects, confirmed the activation of theeducational side and send 10 thousand students to the United States. ”

On the nature of the military relationship between the two countries after the “Daesh,” al – Bayati said: “There is no ground troops fighting on the ground and there are counselors and mentors.”

He added that ” to talk about the existence of an independent US bases is incorrect, the US forces are deployed in bases of the Iraqi army , ” pointing out that ” the number up to about 5 thousand will bereduced in the future is limited to the training and armament.”

And the controversy raised on the international road between Iraq and Jordan, al – Bayati said that ” the government has contracted with a civilian company for the reconstruction and management of the way that the US security firm protection of the law, not US forces.”




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