The popular crowd is issuing a death toll and the liberated towns west of Mosul


Baghdad -Journal News

The Popular People’s Assembly has announced the number of liberated villages and terrorists killed in the urban operations block southwest of Mosul.

“Forty-four villages in al-Hadar district, southwest of Mosul, have been liberated as well as the control of 11 tunnels used by them to move between their command and control headquarters in the advanced lines,” spokesman Ahmed al-Asadi told a news conference on Monday.

“The loss of a terrorist organization in the western axis of Nineveh during the past 30 days was the death of 725 da’is, including 136 suicide bombers and 8 prominent leaders, 235 explosive devices, the dismantling of 12 booby-trapped houses, 30 explosive belts and the downing of five aircraft.”

Al-Asadi confirmed the destruction of 51 vehicles, a booby-trapped tank, the detonation of 61 car bombs, the destruction of two weapons stores, a monitoring and surveillance tower, the destruction of 11 artillery shells and the destruction of five mortars. “He pointed out the seizure, dismantling and use of 13 car bombs by the popular crowd. Explosive belts and finding four explosive devices. “


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