The popular crowd getting ready to break into the hideout «Baghdadi»


09/05/2017 0:00

 Baghdad / Mosul / morning preparing our forces to liberate new neighborhoods in the center of the southern ancient city of Mosul, after it cracked down on terrorists, at a time when heroes of the popular crowd countdown began to storm the hideout leader of the”Daesh” terrorist Abu Bakr al- Baghdadi. Federal police team leader Raed Shakir Jawdat said that ” the pieces of his leadership in the northern axis of the coast right completed on Monday, freeing the entire Hermat apartments and moved into the second Hermat area to reach close to shy July and economists distance in preparation for Aguethamanma.” In turn, revealed the leader of the popular crowd Muhammad Basri, from the point of coming popular crowd in Mosul forces during operations (coming, Nineveh), adding that “these forces in the preparations for the next phase of the process of the completed clearing urban that planning continued his long , despite the completion of editing spend during the two days , “he said, adding that the pieces of the crowd now engaged in clearing the surrounding villages , urban zones Mushayrifa WAM coast and Toben operations. He added that the point of the next popular crowd will be located between the Afar and Baaj Kairouan area which is of great military importance, as leaders of the”Daesh” exists, and that intelligence reports indicate the presence of the so – called (leader Daesh Abu Bakr al – Baghdadi) where, warning that Tal Afar is a military editor at field accounts after completely besieged.

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