Asadi: Edit the connector ‘s right very soon


Asadi: Edit the connector 's right very soon
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BAGHDAD / The commander of the anti-terrorism forces, Lieutenant General Abdul Ghani al-Asadi, on Monday, the changes described as “strategy” to liberate the remaining remaining on the right side of the city of Mosul. Asadi said in a press statement today: “The security forces Chen Its last arrival in Ayman Mosul. “ He added that “strategic changes in the military plans herald an urgent ending in Mosul.” Al-Asadi did not rule out changing the military positions of the combat units in the final stage of fighting in the city. “The joint security forces are fighting in the remaining neighborhoods on the right side of Mosul, The terrorist groups now exist on only 6% of the occupied territories in Iraq after they controlled 40% of the country after the fall of Mosul in June 2014 with the betrayal of Nuri al-Maliki.



Ebadi, an adviser to Iraq this year gets foreign loans by $ 3 billion

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Ebadi, an adviser to Iraq this year gets foreign loans by $ 3 billion

[Where – Baghdad] 

explained the appearance of Mohammed Saleh , adviser to Prime Minister Haider al – Abadi Financial Affairs fact that the 3 billion dollars that could be obtained by Iraq from international funding sources.

And Saleh , according to a statement quoted by the Central Bank of Iraq received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that “on the basis of the general budget of the Federal Act of 2017 , there is a different foreign funding sources expected that Iraq gets under international loans from various donors may reach [three billion USD] this year , both from the World Bank or the IMF or large , including some of the European Union , the countries of the seven industrialized countries group. ” 

He stressed that ” the international financial community seems understanding Amaaka and broad support for Iraq passes from the current financial its crisis , a healthy addition to the impressive victories in the war on terror.”

adviser Abadi explains the fact that the financing of $ 3 billion international could be obtained by Iraq

Consultant Abadi explains the fact that the financing of $ 3 billion international could be obtained by Iraq

 Twilight News    

 38 minutes ago
Twilight News / interpreted by the Prime Minister for Financial Affairs Advisor to the appearance of Mohammed Saleh on Monday, the fact that $ 3 billion that can be obtained by Iraq from international funding sources.
Saleh explained in a statement, it was reported to Twilight News, that “based on the general budget of the Federal Act of 2017, there is a different external funding sources expected that Iraq gets under international loans from various donors could reach ($ 3 billion) this year, both from the bank international. or the IMF or large, including some of the countries of the European Union Group of seven industrialized countries ”
Saleh stressed that “the international financial community show understanding Amaaka and broad support for Iraq passes from the current financial its crisis and is healthy.”

Association of private banks calling for Iraqi banks to the introduction of modern technology in their wor

Economy News Baghdad:

Called on the Association of private banks, on Monday, Iraqi banks to the need to take urgent measures to introduce modern technology in their work, stressing that achieving the goal of financial inclusion after settling salaries of state employees, expressing their willingness to train bank employees on the latest banking technologies.

The Association of private banks in a press release, “Economy News” received a copy of it, “banking technology conference held in Baghdad on Saturday and Sunday with the participation of 30 companies from seven Arab and foreign countries stressed the Iraqi banks need to take quick action to increase electronic banking services and transition from the traditional scale to the scope of access to customers advanced and innovative means of electronic payment and new under the supervision of the Central Bank of means “, stressing” the need for cooperation and integration between banks and ICT for the purpose of achieving better and faster trading safe cash elk services See me. ”

She stressed that “the central bank’s strategy (2016-2020) are binding on all banks, especially in the field of modern banking technology and information technology and secure infrastructure have to be applied,” adding that “the resettlement of Iraqi ministries and staff salaries project became mandatory for all banks, and our goal is to achieve financial inclusion.”

And it stated that “the work according to the principle of banking technology represents the important link in the basic banking to stimulate the economic cycle of economic and banking reform”, expressing its willingness to “train Iraqi bank employees on the latest banking technologies.”


guards Abadi prevented journalists from covering his visit to Karbala


Abadi guards prevented journalists from covering his visit to Karbala
41 minutes ago

Twilight News / said the defense of freedom of the press in Iraq Association The guards of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, prevented journalists in Karbala on Monday to cover his visit to the province.

According to the statement of the Society responded to Twilight News, the journalists there were “registered the case of attacking the lifting of the vote and the withdrawal of one of the photographers and prevent him from entering the housing area during a meeting between the prime minister and the leader of Sadr Muqtada al-Sadr, a photographer satellite Rudaw colleague Ali Awsi.”

The Assembly also reported that journalists in the province of Karbala expressed their disgust and surprise by what they called “selective” leadership of the operations of the Middle Euphrates certain media to cover the conference of the Prime Minister in the Operations Command headquarters, preventing dozens of channels and means of media to include a call for views only window.

Assembly quoted correspondent my channel in Karbala, Abdul Amir al-Kanani, displeasure “of the duplication in dealing with satellite channels because the leaders of the operations of the Middle Euphrates for the second time did not notify a group of channels are limited to the Iraqi official channel and this is contrary to the country’s Constitution, which provides for freedom of expression and guarantees freedom journalistic work. “

The association said, quoting reporters, “The Director of Information Operations Command for the second time in a row, and despite the Report Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to enter the media conference, but the media manager has shut down his phone and left Alaalamin the middle of the street for an hour and a half.”

The Assembly considered to prevent journalists from covering a comprehensive security conference “violation of the law, especially since the city of Karbala, and over the whole month has seen a range of crimes and armed robbery in the city and robberies against journalists, most recently a murder against the young Hussein Mazen, who said Abadi, through the visit, he watched closely “.

The Assembly condemned the prevention of coverage of journalists, noting that “the protection of al-Abadi prevented journalists anywhere Aisalouna, and the prevention process and the fifth insult Augeunha press family, without question them the prime minister, who has promised several times to open an investigation of the incident.”

The Assembly considered the prevention of coverage, whether due to poor coordination or persistently and mean, is “a flagrant violation of the Constitution guarantees the freedom of journalistic work.”

US $ 16.7 million Japanese grant to Iraq


US $ 16.7 million Japanese grant to Iraq
Last updated: 8 May 2017 – 10:24 p

BAGHDAD / The United Nations announced on Monday that the government of Japan will provide US $ 16.7 million for the Stabilization Financing Project and UNDP’s “Crisis Response and Capacity-Building to Meet in Iraq” program. “Japan’s contribution is aimed at promoting the restoration of stability, recovery and capacity-building to cope with crises in areas liberated from the control of the Al-Qaeda organization in Iraq and the Levant, and others involving large numbers of displaced persons,” UNAMI said in a statement. “With this new amount, Japan’s total contribution to the Stabilization Financing Project and the Crisis Response Program are almost $ 60 million since 2014.” The Stabilization Project, according to priorities set by the Government of Iraq and local authorities, Providing grants to small enterprises, strengthening the capacities of local governments, promoting civic action and community reconciliation, as well as providing short-term employment opportunities through public works programs. “ “The additional Japanese contribution will help the Stabilization Project to accelerate the rehabilitation of key infrastructure and support livelihoods in newly liberated areas, including Mosul,” he said. The contribution will help the Crisis Response Program to provide cash grants to small enterprises, support employment activities, and rehabilitate infrastructure and housing in newly liberated areas with large numbers of displaced persons. The “crisis response” program will also use this funding to support community reconciliation and a culture of peace among different ethnic and religious groups.“Assisting in the stabilization of cities and districts is one of the most important activities of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Iraq,” said Liz Grande, UNDP Resident Representative for Iraq. Most of Mosul has been liberated and the rest will be released soon. We are working quickly to repair public infrastructure, but the demand is huge. The Japanese contribution helps us to expand our work quickly. This will have a big impact. “ Japan’s ambassador to Iraq, Fumio Iwai, said, “Japan has been working closely with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) since the early stages of the liberation process from the control of the Da’ash organization in Iraq and Syria.” UNDP initiatives to accelerate stability and improve capacity-building in crisis areas in newly liberated areas are essential for those affected by the current crisis in Iraq to regain their original living conditions. We spare no effort to help the Iraqi people build a better future. “The Stabilization Project, launched in June 2015, operates in newly liberated areas of Anbar, Salahaddin, Ninewa and Diyala provinces. More than 700 projects are completed or under construction in 22 locations. Since the beginning of the crisis, more than 1.6 million people have returned home. Through the Crisis Response and Capacity-Building Program in Iraq, UNDP provides rapid support to vulnerable families in newly liberated cities and villages that threaten social cohesion and social cohesion. The program is designed to build resilience to and recover from crises by helping families withstand multidimensional shocks associated with post-liberation and large-scale returns.