KRG Committed to Unite All Peshmerga Units: Official


KRG Committed to Unite All Peshmerga Units: Official


ERBIL — Kurdistan Regional Government is continuing the efforts to restructure and unite its Peshmerga forces according to a previous plan it had designed, said a Peshmerga official.

Meeting with a British military delegation on Monday, Peshmerga Ministry Secretary-General Jabar Yawar said Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani and his deputy view this project with importance and they are seriously following up the plan.

He also highlighted the importance of coalition’s military trainings for the Peshmerga forces, saying that building a strong Peshmerga army preserves peace and provides security in the region.

The British delegation, headed by the Defense Senior Adviser for the Middle East at the Ministry of Defense, Thomas Beckett, stressed out the significance of restructuring and uniting all Peshmerga units which is believed to serve the future of the Kurdistan Region.

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