“Journal News” reveal the terms of the chest to return to the National Alliance


– Journal News
reached the peak of political moves to meet the current leader Moqtada al – Sadr , head of the National Alliance point on what Ammar al-Hakim water return to normalcy. And perhaps the beginning of the return ofpower to the Shiite House and the strained relationship between thetwo leaders after the demonstrations led by Sadr early last year demanded the selection of cabin cabinet away from Alberlmanah, blocks and was the main sticking point when al- Sadr presented a paper package conditions to return to the coalition Aloutna, include but were not accepted by the parties Shiite.

After a break of more than Aam, continued head of the National Alliance , at the headquarters of the first establishment in Najaf a few days ago received al- Sadr and discussed during the meeting , post Daash, and activate the parliament and the fate of the elections that have been questioning the Liberal block the Sadrist Commission
drew a source considered that ” the meeting which brought together thechest with the head of the National Alliance , Ammar al – Hakim hasfocused on the division of the province of Nineveh after the project Daesh , “asserting that” al- Sadr threatened to take to the streets and organize large demonstrations in the event of passing the partition resolution. ” To the detection of the Sadrist Ayda, source “refused tocall the current leader al – Hakim to resume negotiations in order toreturn to the National Alliance , ” asserting that ” al- Sadr ‘s response to this call conditional on the application of the Shiite alliance fourteen conditions and the announcement at a news conference.” The source noted that ” the Shiite forces expressed reservations on some of theconditions of al- Sadr to change the electoral law and to change theelectoral commission and determine the reference Sistani as a religious authority for the National Alliance,” noting that ” the last condition is met categorically from some of theblocks.” The meeting ended with al – Hakim al- Sadr without a press conference held last used with senior Zairah,, boosting the failure of the parties to solid understandings to normalize the relationship with theShiite parties. On meeting Sadr , head of the Sadrist leadership Alberlman, said that ” the meeting focused on the status of Mosul and post – organization Daash, as well as attempts to divide the province into three provinces.” The parliament voted on a resolution to the protection of the borders of the province of Nineveh

Where he met with al-Sadr in his House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, who is accused in alliance with Almaliki, and holds responsibility not to hold accountable those responsible Alvasudain, and is the first meeting of its kind after the storming of supporters of the Sadrist movement Council end of April, the House of Representatives in 2016. An official source in the mainstream Alsdra, backstage encounters recent chest Balcol, that “al-Sadr told his guests categorical rejection of the division Ninoy, after the completion of Tharirha, into three provinces,” pointing out that “Sunni forces launched a project division of Nineveh, with the support of some neighboring countries.” The project provides, according to Alsdra, official, who declined to give Hoath, Christian networking components and the province in the plain area Ninoy, also gives the Turkmen and Yazidis right to establish a province in Tal Afar and Snjar, and maintains component of the Sunni province, “Mosul,” which will be in the city center Bassahaliha. The leader of the Sadrist: “Despite the disagreement between Turkey and Iran on many issues in Iraq, but they have agreed to divide Nineveh province into three Mhafezat, one will share the Turkmen component, which has a majority in Tal Afar,” The source considered that “Syria’s position is The other welcome this decision, which is still under discussion and Anakash, because it will provide the final borders and prevent the infiltration of terrorists into its territory. ” He Almsdr, that “the American side of the position of a pro-project division by adopting Republicans and Democrats, members of the US Congress, a draft resolution calling for the establishment of a safe area for religious minorities in the Nineveh Plain.

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