guards Abadi prevented journalists from covering his visit to Karbala


Abadi guards prevented journalists from covering his visit to Karbala
41 minutes ago

Twilight News / said the defense of freedom of the press in Iraq Association The guards of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, prevented journalists in Karbala on Monday to cover his visit to the province.

According to the statement of the Society responded to Twilight News, the journalists there were “registered the case of attacking the lifting of the vote and the withdrawal of one of the photographers and prevent him from entering the housing area during a meeting between the prime minister and the leader of Sadr Muqtada al-Sadr, a photographer satellite Rudaw colleague Ali Awsi.”

The Assembly also reported that journalists in the province of Karbala expressed their disgust and surprise by what they called “selective” leadership of the operations of the Middle Euphrates certain media to cover the conference of the Prime Minister in the Operations Command headquarters, preventing dozens of channels and means of media to include a call for views only window.

Assembly quoted correspondent my channel in Karbala, Abdul Amir al-Kanani, displeasure “of the duplication in dealing with satellite channels because the leaders of the operations of the Middle Euphrates for the second time did not notify a group of channels are limited to the Iraqi official channel and this is contrary to the country’s Constitution, which provides for freedom of expression and guarantees freedom journalistic work. “

The association said, quoting reporters, “The Director of Information Operations Command for the second time in a row, and despite the Report Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to enter the media conference, but the media manager has shut down his phone and left Alaalamin the middle of the street for an hour and a half.”

The Assembly considered to prevent journalists from covering a comprehensive security conference “violation of the law, especially since the city of Karbala, and over the whole month has seen a range of crimes and armed robbery in the city and robberies against journalists, most recently a murder against the young Hussein Mazen, who said Abadi, through the visit, he watched closely “.

The Assembly condemned the prevention of coverage of journalists, noting that “the protection of al-Abadi prevented journalists anywhere Aisalouna, and the prevention process and the fifth insult Augeunha press family, without question them the prime minister, who has promised several times to open an investigation of the incident.”

The Assembly considered the prevention of coverage, whether due to poor coordination or persistently and mean, is “a flagrant violation of the Constitution guarantees the freedom of journalistic work.”


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