A new strategy to end the battle to liberate the whole of Mosul

Revealed the commander of anti-terrorism forces, Lieutenant-General Abdul-Ghani al-Asadi, for “the adoption of changes to the plans of the battle, described the strategy, promise to complete the liberation of the remaining usurped from the right side which represents splitting the city of Mosul, the western area.”

While stressing the commander of the second Elite Forces device Lt. Gen. Sami Arda, who is in the field statement “morning newspaper,” seen by the Journal News that “rushing troops follow new plans and tactics in every military attack, as it began to rely on the victory and the progress made by troops storming through and edit the region after the other. ” Among the most prominent changes, the completion of the band architecture 16 inauguration of the floating bridge to connect the connector left Pallaimn coast,

He stressed the commander of the Third Brigade, Brigadier General Amer Jassim that achievement in the monument Mjsrat is the first of its kind since the start of operations (coming, Nineveh), which contributed to facilitate the transfer and cross pieces brigade to the right side in order to participate liberalization processes to be the best help and support troops continues to purge the rest of the revival of areas Ayman Mosul Mekpdh terrorists heavy losses in lives and equipment. ”

He expressed hope that the next witness, “edit the entire right side a few days Osv Bushra final victory in the whole city of Mosul.” He stressed that “as security and safety uncle will be on the left side as well as in right after the purging of the Conception and the return of terrorists Ahaleh displaced to their areas and their homes.”


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