President of the Association of private banks and depositary Handal calls for the formation of an Iraqi Council economy

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 Arabs today -

 Arabs today - the President of the Association of private banks and depositary Handal calls for the formation of an Iraqi Council economy

President of the Iraqi Private Banks Association Wadih Handal
BAGHDAD – The Arabs today

The chairman of the Iraqi Association of private banks and depositary Handal, the availability of many opportunities and large areas of the private sector for the promotion of industry, agriculture, trade and services, and considered that this will only be achieved through the formation of an Iraqi Supreme Economic Council includes the government, the parliament and the private sector, where he is developing a general economic and financial strategic plans short, medium and long term, and draws a road map out of thefinancial crises , and did not lose sight of benefiting from the experiences of the world that have passed in similar circumstances and economic.

He spoke Handal, about supposed role of the private sector in Iraq’s participation in economic decision and its contribution to making the comprehensive and sustainable development, and unfortunately, because the private sector “has not given the opportunity they deserve and did not get the support they promised,” he said, “will not the private sector of the Iraqi List under mentality that is still controlling some economic decision-makers, and emanating from the lack of confidence in the sector and the desire to keep his role marginally, “and asked,” is the government or parliament, the private sector or subjective and objective circumstances surrounding this sector, and restricted his movement and brought him to what it is of almost total deficit ”

According to Handal , ” the initiative of the Iraqi private sector by one out of his sense of responsibility entrusted to him, to announce the emergence of the Iraqi Economic Forum , which was formed about two years ago, brought together 12 unions and organizations including the Iraqi private banks association, in a bold and unprecedented step to unify efforts and unifying rows and enter the arena of Iraqi economic work entitled one, to draw the government and parliament and society look at its potential , which includes millions of Iraqis working in the agricultural, industrial, service and craft fields. ”

He pointed out that this step did not take the legal form of constitutional so far, because of the other Bugeanathm sub-identities, which prevented the completion of this great project, hoping to see the light in the future, and stressed Alhandal the need to contribute to the private sector in the economic reform process and in the work of government committees competent, and in the preparation of public budgets, and participate in foreign visits to Iraqi officials like foreign officials who are keen to accompany representatives of the private sector companies with them during foreign visits.

He believed that the participation of the private sector in economic decision-making in Iraq, is not elusive, and should not be seen as incapable of the economy, which approved a constitutional management, and stressed the importance of openness in the framework of the market economy theory.


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