Large government efforts to diversify the economy


08/05/2017 0:00

The launch of the liberated areas, staff salaries

BAGHDAD / morning

Said the Information Office of the Prime Minister continues to government efforts to reform theIraqi economy, and diversifying the sources Aldechl.ufema announced to take the cabinet among steps to revitalize the agricultural sector, revealed the issuance of a decision toreduce the tariff wage electricity to the agricultural sector, and disbursement of thirty billion dinars for agricultural prevention, veterinary and Alasmdh.oukal FBI spokesman Saad Sabri, during the brief weekly: ” the continuous government efforts to reform theIraqi economy, diversification and multi – national income resources and re – energize thebasic sectors, particularly the agricultural sector , ” pointing to “take many measures in itsA connection, as the Council of Ministers approved the marketing of wheat crop for theyear 2017 plan and the face of the distribution of benefits of peasants and farmers for thecurrent season and prepare a comprehensive action plan that includes non -accumulation of crop tankers by organizing schedules delivery by harvest dates in their regions “. As the face of the Council of Ministers, according to the newborn, the Ministry of financial release of an amount of five hundred billion dinars per month , starting from the “last April” until the month of august for the year 2017 to pay dues marketers that 10 percent of the amounts allocated to the Ministry of Agriculture in order to reimburse thefarmers for the seeds of wheat and barley he explained the official spokesman, said ” In pursuit of the Council of Alu Behind to provide all forms of support necessary to stimulate the partnership with the private sector in the field of agricultural investment and job creation and walk in the way of achieving national food security and self-sufficiency for Iraq in basic crops, the Council has decided to reallocate the amounts recovered from farmers for loans discharged within the received agricultural initiative projects peasants for the years 2014.2015, 2016 amounting to 198 billion dinars to be allocated exclusively for projects of agricultural initiative for Agricultural Bank , “stressing” the approval of theCouncil of Ministers by the Ministry of Finance to allocate nine billion dinars from thecontingency reserve allocations for the year 2017 to General Company for Grain Trade in the Ministry of Commerce for the purpose of completing draft (Karbala metal silo and silo Tents metal).
He also noted that “the Cabinet approved the formation of the Supreme National Water Committee under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Dr. Haider al – Abadi and themembership of the relevant ministries and bodies of sectoral relevant to the task ofgeneral supervision of the implementation of water and public policy strategy in question, and on the equitable distribution of water inside Iraq, in addition to overseeing the negotiations with neighboring countries on water quotas and Iraq , including “.alhdithi said in a weekly briefing, that” the Council of Ministers has agreed to reduce the electricity tariff wage for the agricultural sector as well as industrial and commercial sectors , “.kzlk pointed out that” the Council Wazzra E – face regardless of thirty Mlyardinar for theprevention of agricultural and veterinary and fertilizers in the Ministry of Agriculture to provide fertilizer to farmers and securing necessary for the protection of crops andagricultural pesticides , as well as to ensure that vaccines are necessary and vaccines to protect livestock and Aldoajn.obescon return of displaced persons to the liberated areas and accelerate the government ‘s efforts to achieve stability, said Sabri that ” the Council Ministers decided to launch the staff of the liberated areas and the salaries of their savings who started in their districts , which was re – opened in those areas , “as well as issuing inter directives to support the stabilization efforts in Mosul , and the provision ofbasic needs For displaced people , “noting that” the prime minister, the secured enough fuel in displaced Mosul camps, as directed to take over the local police in the province ofNineveh , the task of maintaining camp security, as well as the face to proceed with the rehabilitation and maintenance of roads in the liberated areas , in addition to the opening of the judicial and real estate circles in Mosul “He continued that” the Council of Ministers approved the implementation of the 202 project for infrastructure reconstruction and rehabilitation of basic services in water, electricity , municipal services, roads, bridges, education, health and education sectors, and prepared in coordination with the ministries and the relevant authorities in the framework of international support for the program Iraq “.obgah support for low – income residents of the liberated areas , similar to those with entry of low – lying in the rest of the Iraqi provinces, revealed” for approval by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs , regardless the amount of social protection benefits to covered by the provisions of Social Protection Act No. 11 of 2014 of the respondents demographically in the liberated provinces ” . It is in order to enable health institutions to perform their duties in the provision of necessary medical care and medicines and supplies necessary for the care of the wounded armed forces and the popular crowd and civilians and injured diseases of cancer, he said that” the Council of Ministers adopted adecision to The fact that the Ministry of Finance to ensure the necessary funding in theamount of five hundred million dinars per month for hospitals City of Medicine Department and the same amount per month for the Hospital of Basra Specialist for children and treatment of cancer diseases , “noting that at the same same time , ” the approval of theCouncil of Ministers to develop two thousand degrees and careers with financial allocations to the Ministry of Health. “


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