Iraqi official: Daash controls only 6% of the country .. Yahya messenger for the “seventh day”: Al Jazeera working with the media, “da’ash” Terrorist .. Commander of the Iraqi federal police: besieged the mosque, “Baghdadi” and 300 meters separated us from liberation



Sunday, 07 May 2017 05:28 PM

مسئول عراقى: داعش يسيطر على 6 % فقط من مساحة البلاد..يحيى رسول لـ"اليوم السابع": الجزيرة تعمل مع إعلام "داعش" الإرهابى..قائد الشرطة الاتحادية العراقية: نحاصر مسجد "البغدادى" و300 متر تفصلنا عن تحريره
Brigadier General Yahya Rasool, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and General Raed Shawkat

Brigadier Yahya Rasool, spokesman for the Joint Operations Command, said in a special statement to the “seventh day” from Iraq, on Sunday, that the organization of the preacher of terrorism now controls only 6% of the territory of Iraq after the control of nearly 40% of the country during year 2014.

The Mosul mosque was surrounded by the federal police, he said, pointing out that the Iraqi army led by the Iraqi army North-west of the right coast of Mosul.

He pointed out that the liberation of Mosul is a matter of time and in the next few days the remaining areas will be liberated in Mosul, stressing that the areas of the organization’s presence after the liberation of Mosul will be confined to its pockets in Talafar, Kairouan and Hawija in the south of Kirkuk. The regions are looking to free up all the areas they control by urging.

Brigadier Yahia Rasool added that Qatar’s Al-Jazeera TV is working with the Depth Agency, an affiliate of the terrorist organization. He said that the Qatari channel has lost its credibility with rumors and lies about the dead and wounded of the Iraqi army, stressing that the battle being waged by the Iraqi army is fierce.

He pointed out that the Iraqi armed forces are working to maintain civilians and provide safe areas and receive the displaced, adding that the number of displaced since the announcement of the launch of the battle of Mosul arrived to 400 thousand displaced have been provided with all the assistance and needs, pointing to follow-up Iraqi intelligence to the movements of Abu Bakr Baghdadi and they will not hesitate In the targeting of the leader of the extremist organization directly to eliminate it if the location of the hiding place, as the forces have plans to eliminate the areas of dialogue and control of the border with Syria fully.

He pointed out that there is an exchange of intelligence and strikes against Damascus in Syria, and that the Quartet intelligence room is coordinated through it to target the leaders of the mission and suicide bombers and Wangmassin in the organization of the terrorist advocate.

The head of the federal police in Iraq, Major General Raid Shaker Jawdat, said that the police forces surrounded the mosque “Nuri,” which addressed the leader of the organization of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, stressing that the main objective of the police access to the mosque and lighthouse Al-Hadara.

The Federal Police Commander in Iraq said in an exclusive statement to the “seventh day” on Sunday that the old city is overcrowded and civilians in the presence of alleys, pointing to the fortification of elements advocating tens of thousands of civilians, and that the federal police surrounded Al-Nuri mosque from three axes, Of the mosque.

He added: “The area fell militarily, our snipers control the high places,” stressing that the elements of the extremist organization are surrounded by tens of thousands of civilians and defend the mosque significantly.

On the assistance provided by the Federal Police for the displaced, he said that the police have managed to transport 260 thousand displaced people and provide 50,000 food baskets, medical and health support, evacuation and water and electricity services, adding that the forces opened 5 outlets to remove civilians trapped inside the city.

The head of the federal police said that the supplies and outlets that provide the elements of the organization had been cut off with weapons, adding that there was no confirmed information about the presence of the leader of the terrorist organization because his presence was “like nothing”, the battle is decided and the reason for the delay in resolving the operations on preserving the lives of civilians.


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