Iraq participates international exercises to strengthen border security


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} launched in Jordan, on Sunday, maneuvers {lion Almtohb} with the participation of 7400 military from 21 countries, and with the participation of bombers warships from the {B – B 1} belonging US Air Force, for the first time.
It includes maneuvers, which will last until May 18 th, operations on the fight against terrorism and to strengthen border security and search and rescue operations.
According to a statement of the Jordanian army, taking part in the exercise of military 7400 from Iraq, the United States, Britain, France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Greece, Poland, Australia, Japan, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Kenya, and representatives of NATO.
It is said that, this cycle of maneuvers {Assad Almtohb} is the seventh in a row.
Brigadier General Khaled Bill, Director of Training , spokesman for the joint exercise at a press conference: “We announce the start of the activities of exercise Assad Almtohb 2017 the territory of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan , which receives such joint exercises for years with our partners in the world of brotherly and friendly countries.”
He added, “In these circumstances in the region and the world and with the growing threat of terrorism, must be concerted efforts and joint coordination and exchange ofexpertise to combat terrorism in all its forms and types.”
He explained Brigadier Bill, “the most important strategic objectives of this exercise ,develop the ability to build a coalition to be able to respond quickly to address threats and strengthen the territorial sovereignty of the State on its territory through border security operations.”
” The most important operational objectives of this exercise is to carry out offensive and defensive operations and counter – terrorism and fighting in built -up areas and to respond to chemical attacks.”
For his part, General Major Bill Hickman, Deputy Commander of the US Army in theMiddle East that “exercise Assad Almtohb became effective mission between theUnited States and Jordan , the military and international partners , ” he said.
And that “exercise includes border security and command and control of joint resistance piracy operations , ” stressing that ” the first time, will participate in this exercise Qazftan model {warplanes My-B 1} Two US Air Force.”
The exercises were held last year with the participation of about 6 thousand military from the United States and Alordn.anthy


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