Foreign relations: the presence of Iraq is important in the Trump summit


BAGHDAD – The Journal News

It confirmed the Foreign Relations Committee in the Iraqi parliament on Sunday that Iraq’s participation in the summits held in the region is important, especially that he’s fighting a war against the terrorist organization Daesh.

A member of the committee MP Luis Caro’s “Journal News”, that “the Commission was not aware of a summit in the region in the presence of Trump and under the auspices of Saudi Arabia, in the event held in Iraq will be the first invited to it and his presence is important for several reasons, of which Iraq is fighting a war against al Daesh terrorist” .

He added that “there is a convergence in the Saudi-Iraqi relations, as Iraq linking strategic framework agreement with the United States, as well as the presence of US advisers in Iraq and the international coalition against the terrorist organization Daesh, and that the participation of Iraq to discuss these important files.”

Riyadh is preparing to three summits held in the presence of US President Donald Trump, during his planned visit to Saudi Arabia at the end of this month, as the first station since he took office.

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