Federal police: 300 meters separates us from Al-Nouri mosque in Mosul


05/07/2017 14:56:00

Khandan – Federal police chief , said the team Raed Shakir Jawdat, said that police forces besieging al – Nuri mosque in Mosul, noting that the main objective of his troops to reach the mosque and thelighthouse of humpback.

The federal police chief said in remarks to the site “seventh day” theEgyptian, the ancient city densely populated and civilians in the presence of alleys, pointing to the barricaded elements of theorganization “Daesh” terrorist thousands of civilians, adding that thefederal police surrounded the Mosque of Al – Nouri of the three axes and is now 300 meters from him.

He said the federal police chief, the “military zone fell Vqguatna snipers control of the high places.”

And about the assistance provided by the Federal Police for displaced people, he confirmed that the police were able to transfer 260 thousand displaced people and 50 thousand food parcels and toprovide medical and health support and evacuation services of water and electricity, adding that the troops opened five outlets to remove civilians trapped inside the city.

Federal police chief confirmed that he has been cut off supplies and outlets that supply the elements of the “Daesh” terrorist weapons.






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