US Army: Kurdistan under our protection after Daesh


US Army: Kurdistan under our protection after Daesh
one hour ago

Twilight News / said Chief of Staff of the US Army Mark Milly that Washington iscommitted to protecting the stability of Iraq and the Kurdistan Region in the period following the end of the organization Daesh.
General Millie said in a statement to the space Kurdistan 24 speaking in Kurdish, and I followed Twilight News, that “America is committed to its obligations regarding theprotection of security and stability in Iraq and the Kurdistan region and we will continue to provide the necessary support to the Iraqi forces and the Peshmerga forces.”
Iraqi forces continue to support the US in its campaign to liberate the remaining neighborhoods in the western part of the city of Mosul , and indicate to all expectations confirmed for the organization Daesh in Mosul , in light of thedestruction of the city witnessed a great defeat.
The Peshmerga forces had launched the first Achararah campaign ” are coming, Nineveh” in October October 17 , the first and managed to grab the vast areas of support from US forces and the international coalition.
Revealed US Senator Marco Rubio earlier in the dialogues and efforts by US political figures to supply the Peshmerga forces with weapons and gear without returning to the Iraqi government.
He said the Ministry of Peshmerga Jabbar Yawar , Secretary General that Washington plans to arm the two brigades of the brigades of the Peshmerga in all kinds ofweapons and armor and even heavy ones , noting that Congress allocated $ 415 million dollars a year ago , the salaries of the elements of the Peshmerga participants actively in the circuit battles against al Daesh and numbering 36 000 fighter.
Peshmerga forces are battling al Daesh more than two years , with US support and participated in the first phase of the campaign in coordination with the liberation ofMosul , Iraqi forces and the international coalition and managed to expel Daesh from vast areas in the Nineveh Plain.


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