Mosul to be fully liberated within few days: Military official


May 06 2017 10:49 AM

Chief of Staff of the Iraqi army Gen. Osman al-Ghanemi said on Saturday Mosul will be declared completely ISIS-free within few days.

The armed forces will declare the full control over the city, and the killing of all terrorists there, he added.

Iraqi joint forces fought fiercely, showing that its capabilities are on par with the world’s top armies, Ghanemi stated.

The Iraqi forces managed to attain victory in surgical operations that will be taught at military academies in the future, he went on to say.

The Iraqi forces, of all its branches, killed over 6,000 terrorists and evacuated over half a million civilians from the war-ravaged areas.

On his part, General Abdul Karim Khalaf, adviser of Arab European Counterterrorism Center said Mosul Battle is actually finished, and the remnants of ISIS terrorists are deemed to be dead.

The fighters of the Iraqi army showed great ability to control and maintain ground, he added.

The Iraqi forces are pushing on ISIS in the right bank of Mosul since February 19th with the aid of the US-led coalition.

Most of the city are now ISIS-free, with dozens of the terror group’s operatives are being killed on a daily basis.


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