Iran continues lies about Trump-Iraq military ties


May 07 2017 12:28 AM
Tal Afar operations
Tal Afar operations

General Secretariat of Iraqi Council of Ministers has denied Iranian reports that the Trump Administration had asked the Iraqi government to suspend an offensive to retake Tal Afar from ISIS, The Baghdad Post reported on Saturday.

“The reports carried by an Iranian news agency are baseless and there is no US message to the Iraqi government regarding Tal Afar,” the secretariat said in a press statement.

“There is currently no security agreement between Iraq and the US, and the Iraqi airspace is utterly under Iraq’s sovereignty.  The international coalition and friendly countries’ role is confined to training, consultation and providing air covering for some operations until the completion of our military air formations,” the statement read.

“The leadership of the battle is under the direct supervision of the commander-in-chief of the armed forces and our victory has been achieved at the hands of Iraqis,” the statement added.

The statement also highlighted the full coordination between Iraqi forces as well as the civil and military efforts to resolve the battle soon.

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