Details of agreement “safe areas” in Syria


Khandan – The Russian Foreign Ministry published on Saturday , theletter detailed agreement to establish “safe areas” in Syria came in, Russia, Turkey and Iran agreed in a signed memorandum on thefourth of May to establish four separate areas “to ease the tension” for a period of at least six months.

It includes a larger area to reduce tension Idlib province and neighboring districts in the provinces of Hama, Aleppo and Latakia.The other three areas located in the north of the province of Homs and the eastern Ghouta east of the capital Damascus and in southern Syria on the border with Jordan.

The memorandum added that the guarantor States will agree on maps of areas of tension easing by the fourth of June and that the agreement can be extended automatically if approved by the three guarantor states, according to “Reuters”.

The agreement calls for the Syrian government forces and opposition fighters to stop all clashes within those areas , the right climate for thearrival of humanitarian and medical aid and the return of displaced persons to their homes and repair infrastructure and provide.

The guarantor States is committed to take all necessary measures to continue to fight regulatory “Daesh” Front victory and other groups and measures within the easing of tension and outside areas.



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