{Daesh} is dying on the right side


07/05/2017 0:00

Military Media: Operations are going according to plan
Mosul / morning   in a new triumph added to theverification, announced the leadership ofoperations (coming, Nineveh) in full edit Mushayrifa area which is a tight grip on theAldoaash present in a narrow circle remaining on the right side awaiting decisive battle during the days  next. Statement of the cell war media “morning” received a copy of it, quoted the commander of operations (coming, Nineveh) Abdul Amir Rashid Yar God assaying: ” The pieces Armored Division IX freed the first Mushayrifa neighborhood and has thus completed editing the entire Mushayrifa area after burdening the enemy great losses lives and equipment, and raised the Iraqi flag over the buildings and perpetuated contact with the neighborhood of July 30 from the right coast city of Mosul. ” Media war and stressed that the liberation of Nineveh is going according to the plan drawn it and that all military units involved in perfect harmony. According to a statement of the cell war media received “morning , ” a copy of it, “said the social networking pages picked wrong analyzes about military operations in the operations” are coming, Nineveh. ”  He added that” the battle of liberation is proceeding according to plan and involving all the pieces infull harmony full of military cooperation police and federal anti – terrorism and mobilize my people and the people of the areas. ” shows another map of the military position published yesterday, that our forces in all its different forms have surrounded theremnants of the ” Daesh “defeated from all sides in a narrow circle of the rest of the right coast area, meanwhile, denied the cabinet Secretariat the existence of any US message regarding the edit city plan Tal Afar, confirmed that the leadership of the Iraqi national battle under the supervision of the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.




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