Anti-terrorism is preparing a surprise for Daesh Ayman in Mosul


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[Oan- Baghdad]
revealed the commander of anti – terrorism forces , Abdul – Ghani al – Asadi, for the preparation of a surprise to the terrorist gangs Daesh the remaining occupied in the right side of the city of Mosul.
Asadi said in a televised statement that “terrorists will surprise the quality of the forces that will participate in this battle,” asserting that ” the plan is implemented according to the decree of her.”
He denied ” the targeting of civilians, and that the media Daesh promoted otherwise after Astvelsoa, and we protect the health of residents and the news of their bombing.”
He pointed out that “intelligence coordination with the civilians, the highest grades they give us important information about additives for Daesh and nationalities of the terrorists and their whereabouts.”
It is said that the security forces are engaged in the final stages of editing the right side of Mosul, near the final with victory declaration on Daesh in Nineveh province.



Battle of Mosul – Timing and Resolution


Major General Abdul Karim Khalaf

Adviser to the European Center for Combating Terrorism

At the start of the battles of Anbar and after the recovery of Fallujah, our armed forces launched rapid attacks by the 9th Armored Division and the Second Command for the fight against terrorism and was able, just ten days after the destruction of a series of defenses advocated extended from the north of Salah al-Din to the entrance of Qayara and the goal is to restore the base Qayyarah to be one of the most important support rules And to support our forces in the battle of Mosul, and managed our forces to achieve their goals at a record speed and the depth of progress has reached 120 km.

This achievement was an important pressure paper for the liberation of the military decision and the possibility of dispensing with the cleansing of the left coast as a first stage and pushing a push towards the Peshmerga and forcing it to engage in unbalanced battles.

So after this achievement was opened all the ports from the Kurdistan region to start operations from the left coast and the decision was right hundred percent .. Why?

Arbil is an Iraqi city and the opening of the front by pressure on the urging and forcing him to fight towards the Peshmerga is wrong because it was a deliberate act to cause a defect through a federal military operation. A huddle in the western region because of its main presence will provide the possibility of destroying its strength and its extension in western Mosul and make operations connected Without interruption to the organization of Nineveh and its dependencies.

While waiting for the process of tenderness under the pretext of depletion calling for the dispatch of fighters from Mosul to support its operations in the city.

This subject is not based on any facts because he is a supporter of fighters and a human reservoir in the south and north of the province can use them without being overloaded Mosul did not notice the support of operations in this direction, especially as the crowd controls the roads west of the desert and created a system of roads and berms and trenches that hinder movement.

The decision of the commander-in-chief was based on the gradation and the possibilities of the success of the process and the mobilization of resources, which managed to destroy more than 90% of the strength of the first time and the greatest strength and capacity is exhausted by the processes in which our capabilities were working efficiently.

The analysis we have read is certainly a personal opinion based on the analyst’s view, and despite our great respect for our senior analysts.

This does not mean not to disagree with them sometimes, because everyone knows that the decision of the commander-in-chief is not an individual because it depends first and foremost on plans that are being prepared by the military leaders and presented to the commander-in-chief to consider approving them after they are satisfied with the possibilities and prevent gaps and fill them and increase support and reserve.

It is not fair to look at the success and failure of the battles or the delay in it as the manufacture of the commander-in-chief of the armed forces because we will mislead public opinion and be part of a political machine that harms the army and other forces and sacrifices and make the truth in the wind.

Urgent extermination of a large convoy Daasha on the road to Baghdad – Trebil


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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} dozens of terrorists Daesh gangs were killed on Friday, targeting the international aviation Rtlhm on the road to Baghdad – Trebil.
According to a statement to the media war, the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it, that “flight international coalition against an air strike, according to accurate information to the CIA / Directorate of the Federal Police Intelligence, aimed at which a convoy of wheels belonging to the gangs Daesh terrorist component of the 15 – wheel bearing singlet and more 60 terrorist convoy heading from Rashid al – Kubaisi village on the road to Baghdad before the junction Trebil 25 kilometers to the right of the line a distance of 3 km. ”
He noted that the strike resulted in ” the destruction of the convoy and burned most of the wheels and killed dozens of them , ” .anthy

Abadi Office issued a clarification on theagreement with the United States to keep its troops in Iraq

Abadi, the Office shall issue a clarification on the agreement with the United States to keep its troops in Iraq
3 hours ago

Twilight News / Information Office of the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Friday the absence of agreements with any country, including the United States to keep combat troops on Iraqi territory after the elimination of the organization Daesh stage.

The office said in a statement reported to Twilight News, that “agencies, international and local news recently traded news that Iraq had agreed with the United States on the survival of US forces in Iraq for the period after achieving military victory over Daesh.”

He explained, “We emphasize not the presence of troops from any country fighting on Iraqi soil until the search for their survival or not, but there are trainers, consultants and experts from a number of countries.”

The office said in a statement that “the Iraqi government did not agree with any country in connection with its military role with Iraq for the post-decisive victory against terrorism.”

The Associated Press had reported on Monday that the two administrations in Baghdad and Washington agree that the presence of US troops in the long term is important to ensure the security of Iraq

The agency, quoting exporters, one American and the other Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and the administration of President Donald Trump hold talks to keep US troops in Iraq after the defeat al Daesh.

The US forces had left Iraq in late 2011 after eight years of occupation in the wake of the toppling of the former Iraqi regime.

But US forces gradually returned to Iraq after the invasion of the organization Daesh north and west of the country in the summer of 2014 as Iraqi forces supporting the war against the organization.

It is estimated that four thousand US troops at least deployed in Iraq.



Liberation of Mosul Revives Economy in Kurdistan: Official


Liberation of Mosul Revives Economy in Kurdistan: Official


ERBIL — The constant liberation of territories in Mosul has positively impacted the investments in the Kurdistan Region, said an official.

“There has been progress in the markets of Kurdistan Region as well as its domestic and foreign investment, and these are all connected to the liberation of [the majority] of Mosul from Daesh [IS],” said Yasin Mahmoud, a spokesperson for the Board of Investment.

He noted that foreign investors had suspended their projects due to the security crisis caused by IS’ presence in northern Iraq, and now they are resuming their work as the group is nearing its end.

“Nearly $30 billion was allocated to reconstruct Mosul [after the complete defeat of IS], which is expected to benefit the Kurdistan Region’s economy,” Mahmoud stated.

He further revealed that Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) has also designed an extensive plan for 2017 which will help the revival of its economy.